Invisible Front. The death of the battleship Novorossiysk watch online

Invisible Front.  The death of the battleship "Novorossiisk" watch online
"Novorossiysk" — Russian military ship, battleship Black Sea Fleet of the Soviet Union. Before 1948 ship consisted in part of the Italian Navy under the title of "Giulio Cesare» (Giulio Cesare, in honor of Gaius Julius Caesar).
As noted by virtually all scholars, ship was handed over to the Italians Russian sailors in a state of neglect. In a relatively satisfactory as was the bulk of weapons, the main power plant and the main hull structures — a covering set, the main transverse bulkheads below the armored deck. But the general ship systems: pipes, fittings, servicing arrangements — sought harsh repair or substitution ….

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Disaster and tragedy

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