Is there a single organization of secret detention?

June 11, 1903 Filippov sent to the newspaper "St. Petersburg Vedomosti" letter in which he said that from his youth was thinking about how to stop the war. "I have made a discovery, practical design that actually abolish war …

In the conduct of war in the distance, I have said, the war is
madness and should be abolished. I will publish the details of the fall in
Memoirs of the Academy of Sciences. " The next day, the unique 45-year-old
man was killed in his own laboratory. The manuscript, which contained
mathematical calculations and the experimental results, the drugs and devices
Filippova — all gone. Why — it is not difficult to guess. Who was killed
outstanding inventor — history is silent. But the fact remains;
most dangerous discovery has not yet been applied …

Combined a secret prison in a single organization? Hardly. All
times, from ancient times to our days on this planet between
closed societies serious competition.

However, the general trend to join forces, apparently valid
for them. According to one of the lead researchers behind the scenes spring
stories of David Ike, to date, we can already say
the existence of a fairly powerful secret organization that is able to
serious impact on various aspects of human life. This structure
is not all-powerful (and hardly any will — always existed
there will be no less powerful forces opposing it), but
Her great ambition — to become at least a secret world government.

The main outlines of this "government", according to the same D. Ike
dated back to the beginning of the century. Illuminati secret societies
("Enlightened"), the UK and the U.S. in 1919, joined
efforts in the structure called "Round Table." The visible part of the
on the banks of the iceberg, "Albion" was the Royal Institute
Foreign Affairs, and the New World (since 1921) — Council on Foreign
relations. Since then the American president could only be
"Dedication" — a member of the Council. (The only exception was John
Kennedy). In 1954, the consolidation of the world's political, financial,
industrial and military angers led to the creation of the next generation
secret government, known as the Bilderberg Group.

Here's some of what is currently known about this group. "Why
"Bilderberg"? Is the name of the hotel, the Dutch Osterberg. It is in this
Hotel May 29, 1954 Prince Bernhard of Holland and President
English-Dutch multikompanii UNILEVER Paul Riskens invited to
a meeting of prominent politicians, economists and businessmen. Goal — the creation
super-secret government. Meeting went well, from this day
began the existence of "Bilderberg Club" (BC) …

And for 44 years in different countries are going to members of the club. All
it is in the utmost secrecy. During their meetings
"Dedication" use nicknames, or how to hide the appearance of one
place of so many celebrities. After all, members of BC LRA
great politicians, economists, ministers, presidents, royalty
families, 00H, big businessmen. "Blue Blood" of the planet that wants to
manage it on your own … "

And in 1973 there was also a modification of another — the so-called
The Trilateral Commission, designed to ensure control on a planetary
the U.S., Europe and Japan. D. Ike believes that the elite, located at
top of the pyramid (which is much higher than the official
Governments) today is the ability to manipulate such a way as to
the upper echelons of power in different countries came its people.

American researcher Bob Frissel pursue this
views and believes that part of the secret government are
mainly the wealthiest people on earth. "There are about two thousand, but they
has long been controlled by our so-called government. They
determine when and whom to choose for a certain post …
Presidential candidates from both parties are chosen by secret organizations
government … They control the world's food supply, growth and
decline in inflation rates worldwide … They decide whether to wage war and
when it's over … You can not lose if both parties are yours.
Initially, you create conditions that lead to war, and then works behind the scenes
game to determine who will get the victory, and then offers a "solution"
problems … ".

One of the main concerns of the secret government — control
scientific and technical progress, which it believes is
prerequisite for the effective management of the "human
material. " Take the "under the hood" of each life, to have a dossier on any
member of society — without the latest technology we can not do … It
why secret societies are so interested in the sole possession
elitist knowledge and advanced technology. Suddenly break off
Budding research, disappear from view
promising scientists, their work by someone removed from the library, the names
disappear from the catalogs and reference books. Where and to whom they
Work? ..

They say there is a whole list of scientific and technical fields and
areas on which the information is taboo. Here are just some of the
them: "The psychological optics", known in ancient Egypt and
found its development in the works of Goethe and secret laboratories Mussolini;
transmutation of chemical elements at normal temperature (cold
Fusion, alchemy), wireless power transmission,
anti-gravity, space-time management, some aspects
Genetic Engineering and parapsychology (in particular effects on the mental
distance), and more. Argue that the list compiled
French military has more than 800 such items.

This is also the information about UFOs. The well-known American expert
in geophysics from the Earth for many years engaged in the UFO phenomenon,
Gordon-Michael Scallion believe that today more than half of the registered
UFOs belong earthlings — namely, the secret government, already
mastered a number of alien technology.

Historians secret societies claim that some of the
these organizations for thousands of years played the role of conscious
intermediaries between mankind and other cosmic civilizations.
If this is true, it is clear that care has been taken to the last
Blanks the contact information of the secret government with
ET: argue that, in exchange for permission to base and
experiment on our planet, this "government" was
provided by a variety of technologies in an effort to promote it
manage on the globe.

It is possible that many members of the secret government really believe
that by hiding the truth, they are saving humanity. "Horribly ironic that
fact that the allies were forced to choose the alien race which is itself currently forced
fight for survival "(D Cooper).

And the methods of hiding … It seems that in the course of the invisible government
principle, which has repeatedly proved to be inadequate:
"The end justifies the means."


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