Ishmael tremors shake every day

According to the Romanian National Institute of Physics of the Earth, the stress in the crust of the region is growing.

Almost every day, seismic Romania recorded a one-two pushes, according

Fortunately, we do not feel them almost — their magnitude does not exceed four. But it is alarming frequency. Judge for yourself: in August recorded 29 aftershocks, 27 of them — in the region of Vrancea mountain. Almost half of shocks (12) — a magnitude greater than three. Such shocks can already feel the people.

At the same time, scientists still do not associate rapid "breathing" of Earth's impending ravages of powerful push.

Reference from Wikipedia:

Ishmael? L(Ukrainian Іzmaїl)— Oblast town in the Odessa region of Ukraine, the administrative center of Izmail district (not part of the district). Located in the southwest area of the River Danube in 81 km from the Black Sea.

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