Japanese spacecraft «AKATSUKI» reached Venus


In the Japanese space agency Jaxa said today that the recently launched device «AKATSUKI» (Sunset) has now reached the orbit of Venus. In the next few months «AKATSUKI» will perform the maneuvers necessary to gain a foothold in orbit around the planet.

The main objective of the unit is in the research of Venus, in particular, the unit will search for active volcanoes and other signs of active geology of the planet.

In Jaxa say «AKATSUKI» equipped with the most modern devices observation and research of all devices that have ever been on or near Venus's surface. «AKATSUKI» equipped with devices that allow you to explore Venus in visible light and the infrared and ultraviolet. On the basis of the first batch of data sent «AKATSUKI», Japanese scientists are going to create a three-dimensional map of the surface of Venus.

It is expected that the device will take a first position in orbit, that its speed will match the speed of the clouds of Venus, which will allow them to better understand. True, the planet Venus, as is known, rotates very slowly, so the speed of rotation of «AKATSUKI», is about 350 km / hour, about 60 times greater than the speed of rotation of the planet.

"At first, we will try to understand and explain the nature of 20 km layer of dense clouds on Venus" — says Takeshi Imamura.

According Jaxa, «AKATSUKI» located on an elliptical orbit, and shall work near Venus at least two years.

By its size and dynamics of Venus is similar to Earth, but that's under a thick layer of sulfuric acid clouds of this planet there are quite different conditions: temperature plus 460 degrees, a pressure in the earth 90 times.

Now scientists say that Venus — this is what would happen to the Earth if we would have taken place on the planet mass emissions of greenhouse gases. "Earth and Venus formed in one system and one of the gas and dust clouds, but on the way the planets gone," — says Takeshi Imamura, scientific director of the project AKATSUKI.

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