Kaczynski: Russian aircraft were shot down in Georgia, Polish missiles

Yaroslav Kaczynski, favorite of most of the Polish opposition party "Law and Justice", giving an interview to pomniksmolensk.pl again said he would not rule out the version that government plane crash Poland Tu-154 near Smolensk was an attack on his brother, President Lech Kaczynski Poland. Recall that during the crash occurred April 10, 2010 killed 86 people on board. But if earlier Kaczynski simply put forward this version as probable, that at the moment he was called, and the probable motive of the assassination. "The motive could also be at the sensory level. Was Georgia, Georgia were Polish missiles, which proved to be very effective. And there is a certain tradition, of course, not Polish. But what started after the accident, is a very severe but not decisive evidence version of the attack, "- said the politician.

Recall that during the Russian-Georgian conflict in 2008 Lech Kaczynski accompanied by Estonian President Toomas Ilves, President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, President Valdas Adamkus, President of Lithuania, and Latvia's Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis visited Tbilisi on August 12 of the same year. The purpose of the visit was to support Georgia in a military confrontation with Russia.

Polish newspaper "Angora" in spring 2011 posted an article in which you learned that Lech Kaczynski back in 2007 promised Misha Saakashvili, the Georgian president that he will not be left "in the event of aggression on the part of the Russian Federation." Then Kaczynski said that the Georgian side can implement part of the anti-aircraft missiles "Thunder" of Poland. For the missiles Tipo Polish side received millions of dollars that a number of Muslim countries provided Georgia. Source of the newspaper, which is an intelligence officer Poland, admitted that before they were intercepted by the Russian army armored vehicles Georgia, among which are belts with missiles, "Thunder" is very excellent, blows on the aircraft of. Then the Russian special services have changed aeronautical codes, which significantly reduced the efficacy of "Thunder."

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