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The company "Izhmash", which is a manufacturer of machines, "Kalashnikov", plans to sell under the brand most popular in the world of guns and other items, including souvenirs and even clothes. Though at first determined which brand products, which are under it done and implemented. Now the attributes of the brand "Kalashnikov" act manufacturability, reliability, reliability. These attributes may be used freely for a number sverhtehnologichny products, said director general of the NGO "Izhmash" Maxim Kuzyuk. With all this, he stressed that the products manufactured under this brand should not be a cheap and common.

The deal to acquire the exclusive rights to the introduction of the brand "Kalashnikov", "Izhmash" while scheduled for late summer 2012. At the same time the real rights brand name "Kalashnikov" belong to the family of the famous arms designer. They are already pretty long been licensed Lock and non-core products under the well-known naming data. So since 1995, "Glazov distillery" is developing a vodka of the same name. With all of this is a gift copy of a glass copy of the AK-47 into the true value of a capacity of about 3 liters. conventional Russian drink. In the German firm MMI has the right to produce umbrellas, watches and other products of daily use under this brand. The Russian company Rinzo sells toy Kalashnikovs, which are collected on Chinese factories. In 2006, "AvtoVAZ" even had plans to create a jeep under the brand name "Kalashnikov", but the project is not implemented.

According to the General Director of the NGO "Izhmash" Maxime Kuzyuk, such unprofessional management known naming can hurt the brand. At the current time, the NGOs "Izhmash" engaged in conducting negotiations with Mikhail Kalashnikov on the provision of services by Prof. brand management. To implement such control is necessary that the "Izhmash" exclusively represented the brand "Kalashnikov" in the market and had all the ability to conduct independent policy of its use. Brendologi evaluate the potential price of the brand "Kalashnikov" very high — at the level of brands such as Apple. At the current time, the real price of the brand is 10000000000. bucks, and the possible can grow up to 100-150 billion. Bucks, Alexander Eremenko, representing the company BrandLab.

"Izhmash" wants to raise the efficiency of the use of the brand "Kalashnikov"

AK — Automatic Kalashnikov already long been a symbol of excellence Russian gunsmiths, means getting a decent income first Russian and then the Russian country, conductor of world politics. In the post-Soviet years the family Misha Kalashnikov, which this year marks 93 years and which continues to participate in the development of new products shooting, managed to secure a brand of "Kalashnikov", the introduction of which is to receive monetary compensation.

Used the word "Kalashnikov", coupled with a graphical representation of the machine, it is also a symbol of military products manufactured, and the group of companies "Izhmash", which dealt with the release of "Kalash" of various modifications, Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD), Automatic Nikonov (AN-94) submachine gun "Bizon-2", hunting and sporting rifles, and 10-ka other items. But the sacred word has failed to outweigh any style of top management group or a rapidly aging equipment, some of which have been taken out of the defeated Nazi Germany.

In the end, by the beginning of 2011 Concern "Izhmash" which at that time consisted of 32 separate legal entities, has accumulated debts of 19 billion dollars. rubles, and the wages of the workers were not paid for several months. With all of this costs only a concern for the maintenance of senior management personnel reached 7%, and the download sverhtehnologichny production equipment reached almost 20%. All this has led to the emergence of the enterprise crisis troops that had been landed the state corporation "Russian Technologies". Crisis management reasonably decided that it is easier and more effective to form a new weapon concern than to revive an old and started to act decisively.

On the ruins of an old "Izhmash" has a new venture — NGO "Izhmash", which have been translated all the right spices (once with the number of managers have reduced immediately by 25%). The level of utilization of high-functional equipment for the newly formed company managed to pick up during the year to 70%. Wages paid to employees, and its average size has increased from 12 to 14.5 thousand rubles. Affairs of the enterprise is not worsened even against the background of the official rejection of military procurement in the coming couple of years, the AK-74. The enterprise has made a new standard experienced — the AK-12, on which platform in the future are going to do about 20 models of guns are not just the military, and civilian purpose. At the current time the company started work on the design of promising sniper complexes. An active modernization.

Pretty exciting results NGO "Izhmash" has been achieved in the field of exporting their own civilian guns. It turned out that the "Kalash" on the planet is recognizable not only in the form of an AK different series. Not the least known in the middle of overseas buyers and so are referred to as "civilian" version of the Kalashnikov assault rifle — rifles family "Saiga". For example, carbines "Saiga", having rifled barrel can use cartridges 7.62 x 39, 223 Rem, 5,6 x 39, 7.62 x 51 (308 Win), 9h53R. Carbines "Saiga-12", owning a smooth trunk, made a shot and bullet cartridge 12 gauge (including the famous "Magnum") with the length of the sleeve up to 76 mm. At the current time to buy rifles "Saiga-12" expressed a desire to police the U.S., Australia and Poland. A total exports of civilian purpose of "Izhmash" in the U.S. has increased over the year by 50% immediately. At this time, the Izhevsk concern considering the issue of construction of the plant in India to produce Kalashnikov rifles and their civilian versions.

Following the path of development, the top management of the company is going to get and the right to self brand name "Kalashnikov". According to the views of NGO management "Izhmash", this umbrella brand is capable of, especially abroad, to make the entire line of the present and future of enterprise is more recognizable. So that in a gun shop somewhere in Montevideo, either in New York merchant you do not have to disassemble the "Saiga" in order to show the customer that this is the same reliable Russian "Kalash", but lurking in the "civilian" clothes. It was enough to say that this instrument — a "Kalashnikov". "In that case, if the rights to the brand were owned by the" Izhmash ", we would be able to more effectively develop and maintain it, providing the family of the famous designer of guaranteed income. Expanding the implementation of this brand, We have paid great attention to sverhtehnologichny products that perfectly matches the values embodied in the brand "Kalashnikov", — said the general director of "Izhmash".

With all of this it should be noted that the reaction of the Kalashnikov family of Misha on the proposal until the unknown. But there is inform
ation that the family members of the famous designer has previously expressed frustration that a number of producers who use the brand "Kalashnikov", sell and produce products under this brand are very poor properties. In addition, there is a discrepancy, and unauthorized use of the brand, even specifically in the Izhevsk. Cope with this problem of "small force" in the criteria of the existing Russian legislation is almost unreal. In turn, "Izhmash" is ready to offer a guaranteed income families designer.

This does not happen because the "Izhmash" big company which except for the rest of the face to the same "Russian Technologies". Brand — it's always a whole industry. For example, the Italian arms company Beretta, engaged in release of pistols and hunting rifles, manufactures under its own brand as well, and various specialized odezhku Soup for hunting. All this allows the brand measured income. Now revenue comes from the sale of hunting rifles and tomorrow from the sale of handguns specifically, the day after tomorrow — from tourists who willingly make out sleeping bags and backpacks before their trek into the woods. From this point of view, Russian brand can not work worse than the Italian. At least, in Italy, no one has ever thought of before, that Italian wine pouring into special containers shaped like guns, while our glass AK-47 filled with vodka, has long been quite sold on the market.

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