Kamchatka could be left without land cover

Sea trading port in the town of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is now dilapidated. But at the pier concentrated unlimited actually new, as they say, back in the factory lubrication APCs, infantry fighting vehicles, amphibious tanks, self-propelled gun mounts. Military equipment is not outposts, patrols and sentries. Dockers with joy photographed on the memory directly on the armor. On the peninsula under the pretext of modernization of armored vehicles and output languid guns. The base of nuclear submarines which is part of the Pacific Fleet in Vilyuchinsk Peninsula Kamchatka remains without the necessary ground cover.

One of the officers of the General Staff, who formerly served on the Kamchatka Peninsula spoke strongly criticized this decision: "Several hundred pieces of artillery systems and armored vehicles weather will not. But the exposure of similar land cover marine naval base in Vilyuchinsk — this is a very bad decision. And despite the fact that at the moment there are moored just a few submarines, but this is a strategic reserve of the Pacific Fleet. Now submarine base is not covered by any modern means of attack from the ground or from the air. Previously promised S-400 and reached the destination Fri — "stuck in the road." It is reduced earlier existing anti-sabotage unit. Now reduce the artillery component of the defense. "

According to the official version, the armored push off on upgrading. According to the head of the military posts in the region of Chukotka, Kamchatka river and sea basin Captain 2nd Rank Andrey Zenin, removal techniques from Kamchatka began with the departure to the "mainland" 132 T-80 tank. As of this summer was planned withdrawal of another 150 units of various types of military equipment. Half have already sent to Vladivostok. According A.Zenina, the following will be sent to an old, but are in full battle readiness tanks T-55 and T-62. About the ultimate objective of the route is not the officer said, referring to the military secret. Together with the fact he confirmed that the technique works quite well in battle preparedness and for each unit of written spetspasporta in the Defense Ministry.

The military said that "armor" is directed to upgrade to the 206-th Ussuri tank repair military plant. But, as we know there are repairing and will improve only tanks nor any other weapons. But in the same direction and sent artillery systems "Acacia", "Hyacinth" and "Peony".

Transportation similar "flowers" on the terrain of the country is very expensive. For example, sending the car off the peninsula Kamchatka to Vladivostok is estimated to average 50 thousand rubles. A transport the heavy armor of course will cost an order of magnitude more expensive. The Ministry of Defence has already owe Kamchatka shipping company about 30 million rubles earlier performed transportation.

Now warehouses on the Ussuri tank repair plant filled completely, an unlimited number of armored vehicles and at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur. In the middle of the Kamchatka officers for a couple of years, spread a rumor that in the not to distant future, the Russian Federation will not avoid a war with the adjoining China. And a chance to win, we do not actually have a view of the obvious inequality of forces. In the end, the military reform, which carried out intensively in the Far East of Russia, the region has gone full-fledged divisions, and in order to avoid a repeat of what happened in the distant defeat in 1941, the Ministry of Defence contracts from all over the country vehicles and artillery, and places them closer to the border with "great friendly neighbor." At the same time, according to the views of Andrew Margieva, Kamchatka military analyst, technician or exported by up to replenish their stores, or the new "Bout" from the Department of Defense secretly planning to implement this technique to a country where it is very necessary for iron wheels khaki .

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