Kamchatka ex-policeman covered his body thrown a grenade offender

Inhabitant of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in fact repeated the feat sheathing Belogorska Sergei Solnechnikova, covering her body abandoned by the infringer grenade.

As told press-Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Kamchatka region Jeanne Bakaeva, the other day a local inhabitant, a 48-year-old civil engineer of one of the city's companies have tried to get into town Vilyuchinsk submariners. But it found that he had no specific documents for the arrival into the hidden city.
"To clarify the events of the engineer was invited into the room PPC, where at one point he drew his F-1 grenade, pulled the pin and claimed the return of his civilian passport," otherwise it will all blow up, "- said press-Secretary.

The document is returned to him, and, observing precautions escorted from the premises, but the output tried to pick the builder grenade. Then intruder threw it under the first car drove up to the checkpoint.

"The car driver — the last cop — jumped out and covered the deadly thing with your body. Fortunately, there was no explosion, "- continued press-Secretary.

Later, when the state of emergency in place experts at riot police arrived, it turned out that the grenade — not real, but only the dummy. It was established by explosives.
"Police arrested the villain, he is placed in a room of the administrative detainees OMVD RF Closed (closed administrative-territorial unit) Vilyuchinsk. Is checked "- quoted an employee of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs Interfax.

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