Kamikaze: heroes or crazy suicide?

Does the light of culture, for which the person is ready to die only in order to carry off a miserable part of the hostile army? With a heart full of patriotism at the wheel of the aircraft, explosives hung like a Christmas tree toys, knowing that the fuel would last only one way flight?

The country, which brave warriors willing to give their lives for the freedom and independence of their own empire, is at the east and called Japan, and her gallant fighters — bombers.

Japanese kamikaze pilots photographed with a puppy

"Perdition from the sky "in the Pacific Ocean was to take the South American Court in 1944, when, having lost hope of victory, the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun in every way tried to defend the empire crashing. While the victims of suicide pilots Land of the Rising Sun was unable to persuade the god of war on their side, they forever go down in history as the 21st century samurai. Suicide bombers, as other soldiers teysintay — this is not a manifestation of helplessness, and the confirmation of the strength of spirit and unending devotion to his native land.

1945, in the district of Okinawa kamikaze

The emergence of the concept of "kamikaze" to refer to the volunteer pilots from the Japanese language is translated as "divine wind." This title — a tribute to the events of the 13th century, when the eponymous typhoon, destroying enemy ships of the Tatar hordes, twice saved the Japanese archipelago from the yoke of the barbarians.

Kamikaze Attack

Principles and current values kamikaze echo the medieval samurai code of Bushido — that's why these heroes of our time, not once extolled in songs, drama and literature. Kamikaze not fear death and despised her, because in return they got to sacrifice his life in paradise, became the patron saint of the Empire State and heroes.

During the second world war bombers destroyed not only South American ships, they became a real danger to the languid bomber aircraft, tanks and enemy of strategic infrastructure. According to statistics, the Japanese army, only of 1944-1945 laughing in the face of death, Japanese pilots killed 80 and injured some 200 enemy ships.

Characters mean suicide

Become kamikaze in the land of the rising sun — it is not a sentence, it is the highest honor that can be awarded a descendant of the samurai. Before departure kamikaze to the target holds a special celebratory ritual — pour a cup of sake and wore a snow-white bandage on his head hatimaki. After the death of the pilot bomber brought to the temple sacred sign kamikaze — chrysanthemum flower and prayed for the souls of the heroes who died for the Ruler.

Talking about Japanese kamikaze can not think of suicide bombers volunteers from around the world about the German zelbstopferah about Russian fighters, who with a grenade in his hand trucks rushed under enemy tanks, about Islamic suicide bombers, which undermine the cars, buses and even skyscrapers.

Who are these people — devotees of heroes, the fanatics, drug addicts or victims of fate — to judge you. But we dare not condemn people who are looking in the face of death, proudly died for their country.


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