Kamikaze — the characters are either mad?

State Japanese method of extermination tanks — fetch manually artillery shell and hit them on the armor. "The lack of guns does not justify destruction," — said Lieutenant General Mutaguchi.

Saipan residents of the country of the rising sun were in the last fight, keeping the arm amputees, which raised for the venerable death in battle. 300 lying stabbed in advance.

25-year-old Hajime Fujii ran one of the first to be recorded in a kamikaze, but suddenly got a stamp "Denied" due to the presence of the family. Returning home, he told his wife about his own grief. Missus took it as a guide to action, and the same NIGHT MODE stabbed themselves and their year-old kids, whispering in the end, "Go. I no you is not a hindrance. " History is silent on what later happened to Hajime Fujii, but the Japanese command classify the case in order to avoid numerous relapses.

Knocked off and found themselves in the water Japanese pilots were throwing grenades into the U.S. rescue boat, is known for the case when he awoke after the surgery first Japanese fighter killed the doctor bending over him.

Documentaries — the Americans are trying to pick up Japanese pilot. At one point he pulls out a grenade, but does not have time to throw it — knowing Japanese tricks, the Yankees held him at gunpoint. And riddled as felt something was wrong.

Since the defeat of the Mongols in the XIII century on the sacred soil of the Land of the Rising Sun never set foot invaders. And if in this time will inevitably defeat — Japanese civilization will die together with their own state, becoming a myth of a proud people, which died undefeated.

The streets of Japanese cities filled with glee — everywhere swayed in the wind slogans "Itioku gekusay" (100 million are killed along the glorious death) and "Itioku itigan" (100 million as a bullet). By October 1944 the government of the Land of the Rising Sun has prepared a detailed plan designed suicide of civilization, under the title "Ce-Go." To be perfectly honest and fair, then this delusional document signed by the Governor has demonstrated near the memorial to the victims of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

"If there are not enough food, and its territory is transformed into a battle, you need to kill all the old people, kids, unhealthy and weak. They are not suitable for destruction together with Japan, " — Invited the commander of the military district, Chubu.

"By donating 20 million Japanese lives in special attacks, we, of course, will achieve victory" — Optimistically declared deputy. Chief of Naval Staff Admiral brain Onishi.

Wind despair

From a military point of view, the final of the Pacific War was a foregone conclusion in June 1942, when on the outskirts of Midway died Japanese squadron of four aircraft carriers. Experience the intoxicating taste of victory, the Americans began with a triple force crush the Japanese defensive perimeter in the Pacific Islands — a war to the nightmare of Japanese management, transformed into a protracted conflict with the predicted end. Japan, due to the shortcomings of resources, was doomed to failure.

From the standpoint of common sense, it's time to end the silly slaughter. But pause a running gear of war was unreal — 1943-1944 year — Americans methodically "juiced" Japanese unit. Those who tried to resist, do not stand on ceremony — customized to the shore dozen battleships and aircraft carriers, and bring down upon the heads of hapless samurai lead a multi-day incessant rain.

Burst on the Kwajalein atoll gallant South American Marines did not find any on the peninsula of the 1st of a tree, and from the smoking craters on them looked sad case of surviving Japanese soldiers — deafened and lost her mind with a two-week artillery barrage. Who was on board the battleship "North Caroline" during the bombardment of Kwajalein English expert Commodore Hopkins noted amazing standards of living and nutrition of American sailors — the crash of guns, free watch men with an appetite for sucking fruit, juices, gas, water and even ice cream.

A situation where you expiring on the last drops of blood, and your opponent calmly sipping lemonade, it usually happens after a fight with mladsheklassnikov favorite school of boxing. Wage war in the ordinary methods such criteria is silly.

A one-way flight

To illumine 1944 Imperial Army and Navy had lost all ability to resist: lay on the bottom of virtually all aircraft carriers and battleships, killing the best sailors and airmen, the enemy has captured all of the principal sources of raw materials, has broken the Japanese communication. A threat capture the Philippines, the loss of which turned into a disaster — Japan was left without oil!
During the trial desperate to keep the Philippines, Admiral Onishi decided to use his last weapon — bigotry employees and their willingness to sacrifice their lives for their country.

In the end, the residents of the country of the rising sun made the world's first controlled long-range anti-ship missile. Various methods of flight, the attack on the most low altitude or vertical dive at the target, evasive maneuver, the interaction in the group flight, a clear selection purposes … the most best system of governance — a real person. The true "narrow-eyed bomb"!

October 21, 1944 the first kamikaze plane crashed into the superstructure cruisers "Australia". Attack was not entirely successful — the bomb did not explode, though, killed 30-person team, including the commander. After 4 day or Australian cruiser again rammed suicide after the ship left the war zone. Returning after repair, he again came under kamikaze attacks — just before the end of the war, the flagship of the Australian fleet got 6 "narrow-eyed bombs," but had not been sunk.

Kamikaze crept up on low-level flight

Suicidal ram in hopeless situations pilots practiced without exception belligerents. According to incomplete data, the Russian pilots during the war, Russian majestically made about 500 air rams, we all remember the feat of Captain Gastello. According to the numerous witnesses who tried to ram Shteen Hauptmann's own flaming "Junkers" cruiser "Kirov" during the attack on Kronstadt September 23, 1941 There is a documentary newsreel footage, which warped bomber "Aichi D3A» crashed into the superstructure aircraft carrier "Hornet" ( Battle of Fr. Santa Cruz, 1942 year).

But only in the Land of the Rising Sun at the end of the war, the process was organized on an industrial scale. Suicide attack reincarnated from spontaneous decisions dying heroes of nation-wide entertainment. Psychology "kamikaze" initially was a cult of death than the structurally different from the psychology of Russian pilots, who, having shot all the ammunition and cutting the "Junkers" tail rotor own "hawk", though pinned their hopes alive. Living example — the case of the famous Russian military career ace Amet-Khan Sultan, who kicked a sharp slope board the "Junkers", but stuck in a burning German wing of the plane. All the same, the hero was able to sa
fely escape.

Like normal people?

In the Land of the Rising Sun shortcomings in the bombers was not — was looking at times more than the aircraft. Recruited as thugs? Ordinary impressionable students, having read books about heroic samurai code of honor "bushido." Someone moved the sense of an advantage over their peers, a desire to excel and "be a hero." It must be recognized that the small age "kamikaze" was filled entirely earthly pleasures — the future suicides used in society unsaid respect and worshiped as deities alive. They are free fed and free travernah drove on their own backs of rickshaws.

With the forks on the tanks

According to Japanese researcher Naito Hatsaro, as a result of "special attacks" died 3913 kamikaze pilots, which was sunk in the general difficulty of 34 ships, 288 ships have been damaged. In the middle of the sunken ships no 1st battleships, cruisers or languid aircraft carrier.

The effectiveness of "special attack corps," from a military point of view, was at a level just below the plinth. Living in the country of the rising sun threw bestalantno enemy corpses of their own men, with all this, according to statistics, two-thirds of them were destroyed by fire and destruc Screens shipboard anti-aircraft still on the approach to the target. Some strayed off course and disappeared without a trace in the vast majestic ocean. As human torpedoes "Kaiten" boats and loaded with explosives, their effectiveness was still lower than the aircraft.

The most courageous hero was weak as a worm before the power of modern technology. Kamikaze were not able to prevent the impending destruction of the Land of the Rising Sun, stupid dying under fire hundreds of radar-guided anti-aircraft guns. Given the number of American, British, Australian and novozelendskih ships operating in the vast Pacific Ocean, it should be recognized that the damage from the kamikaze was comparable to a pinprick. For example, October 25, 1944, "narrow-eyed bomb" has undermined the South American escort carrier "Saint-Lo" — one of the 130 eskortnikov built in America during the second world war. U.S. Navy suffered a really irreplaceable loss.

May 11, 1945. Russian soldiers have praznuyut in Berlin Victory in the Pacific and South American sailors rush about the burning deck of an aircraft carrier "Bunker Hill"

There were far more severe cases, in May 1945, received a merciless damage aircraft carrier "Bunker Hill." As a result,
double suicide attack had lost all air wing — 80 aircraft, and to fight fires killed nearly 400 people team!
But, "Bunker Hill" was one of 14 aircraft carriers of the languid "Essex" in the zone of military operations. 5 more ships of this type were exercises off the coast of the United States and 5 were on the slipway. And to replace the obsolete "Essex" has been built twice as large in size super-carriers of the "Midway" … Rare single success of Japanese adventurers could not improve the situation.

As implied Admiral Onishi, kamikaze attacks really had a tremendous psychological impact on the enemy. Americans weaned blithely drinking orange juice during the fighting, in some cases, crews had fits of cowardice — the surviving sailors from the crew of the destroyer "Bush", two suicide bombers attacked twice, threw themselves overboard and swam away in fear from the ship, but would not fall under the another blow mad bombers. The people did not survive the nerves.

Though at times the psychic effects of the Japanese suicide attacks out negotiable. During the fight at about. Okinawa kamikaze broke the battleship "Missouri" and crashed his bronepoyas Bay flaming fuel anti-aircraft unit number three. The next day the ship was accomplished pilot's burial ceremony with full military honors — the commander of the battleship William Callaghan decided that it would be for his team's stunning lesson of courage and patriotism.

Breaks through the darkness of the black flak seen battleship "Missouri" is attacked by suicide bombers

The last suicide attack took place on August 18, 1945 — a day or 14 hours on the way to Vladivostok was attacked by a single air tanker "Taganrog", but the anti-aircraft gunners famously dealt with the aerial target. Around the same time, near the island Shumshu (Kuril Islands) trawler rammed a Japanese kamikaze CT-152 (last seine boat "Neptune" displacement of 62 tons), the trawler died along with a crew of 17 people.

But even in the terrible history of suicide found a couple of optimistic moments. The first took place on December 7, 1944 — on that day in a small destroyer "Mahon" in a couple of minutes 5 kamikaze crashed in a row. The ship, of course, shattered into pieces and sank here. But that's what surprisingly — 5 after the massive explosion of the 209-person team had survived 200!

Second story is connected with the "unlucky" kamikaze — NCO Yamamura. Three times he tried to "be a hero", but three times, "screwed up" and, as a result, lived happily until the end of the war. The first time his plane was shot down immediately after take-off, Yamamura landed on the water and was picked up by fishermen. The second time he ordinarily not found the target and returned with a sad look on base. On the third time everything went smoothly … until the very last moment, when the clutch mechanism jammed and jet-shell "Oka" failed to separate from the carrier.


As it became clear later in the leadership of the Land of the Rising Sun were sitting completely appropriate and prudent people who are not eager to do everything in a row hara-kiri. Speaking of "honorable death of 100 million Japanese people", they only used the resources of fanatical manpower to such time as it was maybe. Finally, in the battles in the Pacific Japan lost 1.9 million of its own loyal sons. Thanks to the bestial attitude to human life irrevocable loss of Japanese soldiers were 9 times higher than the U.S..
Already in August 16, 1945 samurai warrior head began to subside, all somehow forgotten about evenly A planned "mass suicide" and, as a result, we can create an amazing country of Japan, which is currently living in the XXI century.

Living in the country of the rising sun, is to give them a tribute, very disciplined, professional and conscientious people. If China shot unsafe criminals, in the Land of the Rising Sun delinquent throw themselves on the rails in the subway — so unbearable for the Japanese idea of his oploshki. It is a pity that such a talented and dedicated people in the hands of rascals, who, guided by their personal calculations, sent them to certain death.

The famous video with documentary footage and cut out from the film "For those we love" (Japan, 2007)

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