Karadzic called himself an ambassador of peace

The renewed now in the Hague court in the case of former Bosnian Serb leader Radoslav Karadzic was marked by a sensational statement. Accused of committing war crimes last commander, which now started his own defense, said that he did everything to avoid war, and it should not be judged, but rather reward for peacekeeping. According to the views of Karadzic, all the charges against him are empty, but the world he really deserves a promotion, reports BBC.

"I have done all that we can be in the range of human capabilities in order to avoid war and to reduce the suffering of people," — said Karadzic, speaking to the member of the International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). The former head of the Republic of Srpska has expressed the view that he is a man of principle in Myagenko and tolerant mind-boggling ability to recognize different people. He Tipo not once decided to suspend the trial of their own generals, be sure to comply with all the norms of international law and could not even guess what will happen genocide.

As of 1st confirmation of his own rejection of genocide even what sign Karadzic cited the fact that even his hairdresser was a Muslim. In addition, according to the position of the ex-general's official number of victims of those events specifically overestimated the ICTY. In fact the dead were 3-4 times less, he concluded, adding, "I do not even have a purpose to govern. After the war, I was planning to go back to medical practice" (Karadzic, as you know, is a doctor of psychiatry).

Only during the trial of the former commander of the ICTY is planning to listen to almost 600 witnesses zaschity.Posredi them have Russian — Colonel Andrei Demurenko, who commanded the headquarters of the UN peacekeeping forces in Sarajevo.

Recall Karadzic accused of genocide, sins against humanity and war sins, among which — involvement in the massacre of several thousand Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica in 1995. In June last the president was acquitted of 11 points, which previously claimed his lawyers. Now he blamed solely shelling a number of cities with a resident in their Croat and Muslim population. Karadzic himself guilty according to Fri and also refutes claims that he was not aware of what is happening, because he did not report what was happening on the ground.

Arrest warrant Karadzic ICTY was issued in June 2005. Were able to arrest him in 2008, before the ex-general could 13 years hiding from justice.

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