Karbyshev and Vlasov. Sacrifice and betrayal

February 18 — a day of memory Gen.-Lieutenant Dmitry Karbysheva and the 65th anniversary of day or assigning him the title of Hero of the Russian Union. In connection with the anniversary of the "Russian People's Line" asked the president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, doctor of historical sciences, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov speculate about the heroism of a former officer of the Royal Army, a member of Russian-Japanese war and World War, refused during majestically to cooperate with the Russian war invaders and accepted the anguished death in a concentration camp.

— In such matters, when it comes to that, to wage war for their country or against it — said Leonid Ivashov, — it seems to me there are no problems in determining human behavior should not be. General Karbyshev carried his officer's honor and conscience, service to the fatherland from the first to the last day or the hour. General Vlasov in order to save a life for themselves, so more comfortable to live in the criteria of the war, went to betrayal. Then 2-views should not be.

In business, personal, love affairs, etc., you can still argue that the people confused, you can understand it, to talk about a difficult situation. And in the matter of serving the Fatherland and to protect 2-views can not be.

Vlasov — traitor, as he deliberately waged war against their own country. He could not know about Hitler's plans for the Soviet Union, in respect of, the Slavic world, the Russian people. All of this was made public in open plan "Ost" in June 1941. Aiding the Nazis in the winding up of its own people can not be justifiable. There seems to be a part of our society, including some priests, nor tried to justify the general traitor, I realize that I can not. A traitor is a traitor. A discussion about the fight against the regime — is, by the way, the lot of our former intelligence officers and diplomats peremetnuvshimsya the West, have committed an act of treason (often — by a cynical judgments) and later begin to justify that this method Tipo they fought with the regime. But all that — nonsense. Young people may not have the big geopolitical goals.

Gen. Karbyshev — a real Russian officer. When he taught at the Academy. Frunze, of him walking legend. But know that it has been surprisingly moderate, and at the same time possessing rich knowledge. I myself graduated from this Academy, and the stories heard and to our ears. Were that the man was "an officer of the Russian bone from the beginning to the end."

About Vlasov like no one has ever read. Furthermore, the fact that we managed to find out about him indicates that he is always in something hesitated, tried to make a career. Although in general military knowledge had been good, but he used them not only for the good of the Fatherland, and career opportunities. Lack of a Russian officer rod led to the fact that he adjusted to the scene.

Absolutely necessary in school achievement and program notes to share betrayal, good and evil. Sformirovyvaetsya need the right attitude to betrayal, to bring up the example of the patriotism of real heroes. You can not on the shoulders of a young, just starting to lay down its own path generation tasks such offer to evaluate themselves, who traitor, and who hero. In any country there are municipal ideology, and it is in Russia, in spite of all these prohibitions and exemptions. As part of the state ideology of students should be given accurate and specific interpretations or those other processes. What is the archetype of man we must now forms the on Russian soil — "competitive consumer", as the Fursenko, or patriot own homeland, creative person that understands what our homeland and the need for its own good? Because we have to be precise, not vague guidelines. In my opinion, Vlasov and the fact of his betrayal is better not to mention in textbooks, but Karbysheva, like other heroes who really gave their lives for Country, need to raise a shield.

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