Kareprost. Legends and Realities

The girls who dreams quickly prettier, painstakingly examine RuNet in search of a cure. And more often stumble upon information about the brand new wonder drug that is in the shortest possible time, as promised advertisers, allows to increment the volume and the length of the lashes. Naive ladies do not mind that product (Referred to as which, by the way, Kareprost) Rather Tipo apply several times at the base of the eyelashes, and they are almost a week forever become thick and longish.

Unprofessionalism such advertising is obvious, but make it out details all it is worth.

Kareprosta basis (which really is a means of stimulating the growth of eyelashes) is Bimatoprost, active substance that can affect the growth of hair if it enters the hair follicles. Say at once, Bimaprost does not contain hormones.

Kareprost initially designed for those who have been diagnosed hypotrichosis, specific disease, one consequence of which is the weak growth of eyelashes. We describe product provokes the process and makes the lashes thicker and longer, the result is shown in a few weeks from the start of use.

The recommended course involves 2-4 months of everyday implementation. Then, to maintain the achieved effect is better to use Kareprostom at least once a week. In the unlikely event cilia as dying and falling again raised (they live an average of 1 to 2 months) gradually return to its own previous state.

Use Kareprost and thinned and weakened by excessive use of cosmetics eyelashes, a product performs in such cases, restorative and healing effect.

It should be noted that Bimatoprost was registered after clinical trials in the United States by Allergan, having access to create Botox.

At the current time, not counting Kareprosta, Bimatoprost and related substances may be contained in the following products sold on the territory of Russia: MD Lash Factor, Advanced Lash, EvoLash, Revita Lash. They differ from each other except that the method of production (or a drop of ink), rastusovkoy and price.

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