Karimov: Uzbek people will never return to the past

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov recently spoke to the days of the Constitution countrymen a speech that was broadcast on local television, in which said that Uzbekistan will never return to the old regime of Russian empire. According to CA-News, for the first time in recent years the full text of his speech was not placed in the Russian newspapers. Very abbreviated version of a paper appeared on the following day on the portal of the government of the republic news agency and only in the Uzbek version.

Speaking to representatives of different spheres of the republic, Karimov rhetorically asked the audience: "Who we were before, and who have at the moment?" And he answered, "Those successes achieved by Uzbekistan in the last 20 years, I think that someone is taking a good mood, ecstasy and enthusiasm, but there are some who looks with envy. But it is their personal prepyadstviya. We are not Intriguing. We are curious what we have achieved success — ours, and no one will take away from us. But do not just revel in it, but you need to think about the next day … "

The President firmly assured citizens that the current generation of the country will certainly be happy.

"Remember when 19 years ago, in 1992, we read as, Uzbekistan — is country with majestic future, who believed in it? At one time we lived such ideas, even if we do not have seen the good life, but at least our kids will see it. But now, as president and manager of the country, I'm looking for you in the eye, openly declare that this generation will certainly be happy and reach their goals, "- said Karimov.

Same day President delivered a speech at the celebration of the 19th anniversary of the constitution of the republic, which warned people about those who are trying to cloud the minds of youth of the country.

"It's no secret that in the days of real easy to see how more and more increases the number of different movements aimed at changing the meaning and content of our independence, trials and challenges we passed on the way to this light old days. And at the moment are obvious test aimed at reviving in the minds of young people, not survived an old slave mode on the territory of the former Union, the old thoughts, "- said Karimov.

According to the views of the favorite Uzbekistan, "the collapse of the former Union, which was the Russian Empire" — is legitimate and natural process, the logical premise of this event and the first failure in the political, economic and ideological foundations of the country.

Karimov stressed the need to focus on the fact that in the end the expansion of the integration processes should be sensitive to one fundamental question. "In pursuit of the integration process, referring to the development of various international organizations, it is necessary that such associations with the passage of time did not take all of the great political coloring. Such a situation could have a negative impact on the business and cooperation with other members of the association zabugornom countries," — said Karimov.

In conclusion, summarizing the above, Karimov re-allocated, "History can not turn back. Our people, our young generation that has grown up over the past 20 years, is currently looking for tomorrow day with great faith and never swerve from their path — I repeat, will never return back. "

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