Kazakhstan filled up with snow, states Kazgidromet

Almost the entire territory of Kazakhstan in the first ten days of February snow fall in the volume more than half the monthly average, reported gosmeteosluzhba "KazHydroMet."
In particular, in Astana, the average monthly rainfall for February is 14 millimeters, while in the first 10 days of February fell 9 mm or 64% of the monthly norm.

According to forecasters, in Akmola snow depth in early February in the norm is 12 to 26 centimeters. "At the moment the average of 10 to 76 centimeters, that is above the norm", — the report says.

A large amount of snow fell in the southern part of the country.

In Almaty, for 10 days in February in the city dropped 29 millimeters of rain, on the outskirts of the city — 40 mm, with the monthly average of 40 millimeters. That is already in Almaty dropped 73% from the norm, and on the outskirts of the city already had the monthly rainfall.

Zhambyl region in early February rainfall of 30 millimeters, for the first 10 days of the month fell to 10 millimeters, that is, the third part of the norm.

In South Kazakhstan monthly rainfall of 73 mm, while the 10 days fell 64 mm or 88% of normal.

In Kyzylorda region, according to Kazhydromet, at a monthly rate of 15 mm for 10 days already dropped 25 millimeters or 167% of normal.

The western regions of Kazakhstan are also covered with snow.

According to forecasters, the Aktobe region the average snow depth for the first ten days of normal is 10 to 23 centimeters. At the moment, the height ranged from 8 to 35 inches. In particular, in the northern part of the snow depth is 23-35 inches. In the West Kazakhstan region rate — from 10 to 21 inches, at this point in the northern part of the height of cover is 25 to 38 centimeters. That is, in the northern part of both regions the snow depth exceeds the norm by 10-20%.

Meanwhile, in the east of the snow fell in some places less than normal.

On the East Kazakhstan region rate is between 18 to 72 inches, at the moment, the average fell from 10 to 99 inches, with 99 inches applies only to the mountainous districts of the region. In Ust-Kamenogorsk monthly rainfall in February is 27 millimeters, and 10 days in February fell only six millimeters. "But do not worry, there is still 20 days. Sediments are patchy in nature, so that one day may fall rainfall ", — the weather forecasters.

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