Kazan filled up with snow

By frost threatened withdrawal was the Europa League match between "Ruby" and the Dutch "Twente". It was moved to Moscow from Kazan, where he is also very cold. Besides, the city filled up with snow. With the onset of winter on the streets have taken more than a million tons of rain, but is easier to ride and walk no more. Against public utilities are preparing a series of claims affected by ice and falling icicles.
Pedestrian Kazan each day begins with crossing the road. Sidewalks littered with snow, pedestrian traffic lights are in the middle of snow, and public transport at all blocked on all sides. So the only possible and safe way to travel for pedestrians — to go along city roads.
"The snow that fell from the roof, I was caught up, knocked down. I fell, I was filled up with snow. Digged me passer" — says the patient's Clinical Hospital № 18 Tamara Martynova.
In ward Tamara Martynova admit only daughters, and the city manager. When a woman passing by the building of the executive committee of the city from the roof of public institutions fell on her snowy lump. Doctors diagnosed with multiple contusions, severe stress and high blood pressure. After discharge from the hospital, she is going to bring to the administration of Kazan in court.
Fearing the collapse of the roof, the tenants of houses to which all winter and did not get the wipers are now set on duty. Attics — constant dampness, girders — in mold and roof cover is more like a sieve. Prosecutor's Office is conducting a regular inspection of the housing and communal organizations, including local government official.
"We are considering the possibility of involving the officials who are responsible, and we will put before the court the question of their disqualification," — said the assistant prosecutor Anton Kosorukov Kazan.
After a series of roof collapse and a half months in the prosecution brought several criminal cases and have written a number of regulations. One of them sent to the heads of the executive committee of the city.
In the confusion of the proceedings with the prosecution in certain areas of the operating companies in such a hurry that removes snow from lanes and shifted it to the homes. Now approach their entrances residents have dug up on their own.
"Technology is not enough. Just today reached an agreement with one of the Scandinavian companies to establish snowplows on the chassis of" KAMAZ ". Technique will buy for next year", — assured the head of the press service of the administration of Kazan Sergei Lobov.
From Kazan has taken more than one million tons of sediments. Specialized landfills are overloaded. The biggest dumps of snow formed right in the center of the city — in the park by the river Kazanka.
Move directly to the roadway and crossing the road is not in a designated place (it is usually blocked), and where possible — to such harsh rules of the road for pedestrians Kazan had to get used to. There even appeared passers sign: if the city sidewalks, disappeared under snowdrifts in early December, is still unavailable or impassable at all, it means that the spring thaw will come here not soon.

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