KBAL name L.N.Koshkina implementing new technologies in the production of rounds of small tools

Design Bureau of automatic lines (KBAL) L.N.Koshkina behalf of Moscow Klimovsk implements new technology in the production of rounds of small guns. This is korr.ARMS-Tass said the company's CEO Nicholas Maslyaev.

According to him, there came a point when the production of technological equipment for mass production based on the automatic rotor lines run across an urgent need to develop new equipment to meet modern technological innovation. The design of modern cartridges should connect new achievements of science and technology, new composite materials, energy-intensive powder. Properties of the cartridge and the gun should be linked and combined with modern manufacturing devices component cartridge (cartridge cases, primers, bullets).

"The release of rounds to be organized at the present favorable production" — highlighted the CEO.

According N.Maslyaeva, the company, namely, created and put into the design documentation for the production of cartridges new environmentally untainted water-soluble polymeric anti-corrosion cover for iron liners. It provides a guaranteed shelf life of 25 years with a provision of its service life, 40 years. Equipment for the application of such coatings on iron sleeve lowers the cost of production of cartridges in a couple of times.

To equip the production of modern technology in the production of cartridges Klimovsk developed and brought to mass production line polymer coating model LPP-2 and completed the development of a modular all-inclusive bands and phosphate polymer coating LFPP-W model, which has changeovers for different types of products.

"To control the technological properties of the manufactured cartridges, we have developed a modern system and improve control of geometric characteristics of the cartridge in the process of production. This system is integrated into the existing automatic rotor bars on the production of cartridges increases the quality of the cartridge and does not require frequent maintenance works of the" — identified the CEO.

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