Kenya is an oil-producing state

In the north-west Kenya found oil field. Opened its British exploration company «Tullow Oil». This is reported by ""

The company has enjoyed, and they say the awesome beginning to conduct exploration work on the ground as Kenya, as Ethiopia. According to the BBC, right after the announcement of the discovery of oil stocks «Tullow Oil», which already owns eighty five mines in Africa, rushed up.

Mwai Kibaki, the Kenyan president, said that the discovery of oil fields — not bad news, but to rejoice in advance is not necessary. As said Kibaki, a discovery — is just the beginning longish journey. After all, to reincarnate the country into an oil producer, you need at least three years.

The head of the Kenyan state said will also find a fitness found an oil reservoir for exploitation and profit.

Recall that Kenya — East African former British colony — became independent 12 December 1963 of natural resources Kenya it should be noted rubies and gold. The country's economy is based on agriculture: here grow coffee, tea, cereals, fruits and vegetables. The country is developing, and tourism.

Neighborhood Kenya, such as South Sudan and Uganda, own secured oil fields. A control of the fields — for example, Uganda — produces «Tullow Oil».

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