Key management techniques Humanity

Key management techniques Humanity


For many people in Russia, it is no secret that all social processes are controlled character. War itself did not start, states do not fall apart.

Everything in the world is controlled by someone else, just constantly inspire people — all by chance, ghostly, live day to day, not to think about the past, not to notice the shortcomings of the present, and certainly not about the future. For you have already decided everything!

Most important methods of control of cooling towers for information (the famous "Who owns the information, owns the world") and material.

The main priorities of controlling methods of humanity:

1. Basic knowledge of the laws of the universe, the universe, the nature of our world and man. This is the most important priority. Unaware of its laws, a person is very vulnerable and weak, it is easy to manipulate. Although knowledge of the cosmos and the microcosm (the person) is important in the life of the individual and of humanity. Three fundamental laws of the Universe: Creation-creation, preservation and destruction. Therefore, the person is free to choose which way it will go: through Creation and Preservation, becoming God (remember our ancestors — the children and grandchildren of the Gods), or by destruction of the surrounding world. This way is very easy, but it leads to destruction, suffering, and death of the Spirit. According to these three basic laws, the universe consists of three levels: the World Tree of our ancestors, all the Aryan white people. Navi is the world (Christians call it "hell", "hell", but this is not true), Reveal (our world) and right ("Bright World" Christians "God's kingdom"). The problem of man and humanity continue to grow, bringing the world of waking, to a sample of "Kitezh-town." But now, in the late 20 — early 21 centuries. First time in the history of mankind growth halted, and, as everyone knows, "standing" in one place does not happen, immediately began a rapid destruction and degradation of humanity. Nature responded to these processes surge disasters, warning that this path leads only to destruction. It should be added that "of conscience" is a universal mechanism of communication with the world of rules. If a person has lost the human form and degraded to the level of rational animal, saying, "you have no conscience."

2. Historical precedence factology. With distortion of the past destroyed memory of peoples, destroyed the possibility of an individual and of nations rely on the power source. With the help of false stories to make human being without memory and the homeland, so very easy to manage. It is easy to set on their own brothers from Rod. Thus, in the present form artificial psevdonarod — "Ukrainians", transforming part of one of the Russian people in the mutant, the enemy of Russian civilization. Even earlier, in the 10-13 centuries, the same method of part of the Russian world, slavyanorusskogo Union tribes — Western clearings, Pomeranians and other Slavic tribes — have created a mutant Catholic Poland. The Vatican has made a clearing in the enemy of Russia, was distorted language, history, introduced a foreign religion. And so far the Poles, by blood and birth part superethnoi Rusov, our enemies. With false stories Russian constantly told that they are a nation "fools, drunks and mediocrity." That they always ruled "bloody tyrants" and turned them into a nation of "slaves", depriving it of Russes Russian spirit, making a disabled people so that they could not at one stroke to sweep evil from the planet.

3. Management with religions and philosophies. Although God is one and he does not need his children from Sacrifice and rites or special buildings for worship. God from man only needed his love and following the path of the Government. Almost all religions are created artificially to divert people from the Straight Path. With them, it is easy to play off people and nations together, Christians have faced and confronted with Muslims, pagans, Islam is crushed and forced Sunnis kill Shiites, Hindus with Muslims, Christians, Catholics, crushed and is confronted with the Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants, then. Religious, fanatical crowd beautiful object management. What is the religious fanaticism? Open a history book: the Inquisition, the Crusades, witch hunts, slavish obedience, stop the development of science, zombies and so on. Different schools of thought as gone from a simple human truth: the relationship with the Higher World is through his conscience. The vast majority of philosophical trends — it is just verbiage.

4. The distortion of language, science, and art. Simplifying the language, distorting it, manipulators reduce the overall level of human thinking, whole nations. That's why English is introduced as a world language of communication. He has completely lost touch with the people, a purely synthetic language. A mixture of Anglo-Saxon, Latin (also synthetic language), French, artificial mutant. It destroys the creative thinking person, especially harmful to young children. Introduced mate, he takes human energy to the lower energy centers (chakras), his constant use leads to complete degradation of the human psyche. Our ancestors used it only in mortal combat, when there was almost no chance of survival, mate woke tribal force. Classical science limited dogmas and precepts, development, the ability to bring humanity to a new stage of development, to solve the bulk of the global problems of food, energy, the environment and so on, put "on the shelf." Art debilizirovano given priority primitivism, people consciously "dipped" into a rational animal.

5. Management with supranational structures. Created various Masonic lodges and secret orders (such as "Skull and Bones"), clubs, multinational companies and banks. Trilateral Commission, the Committee of 300, Bilderberg, Davos and the mass of such organizations, which lobbies determined the basic outlines of the future of humanity.

6. Government agencies. Most modern states have become a fiction, the political elite, "autocratic", they have a largely unstructured way, the will of the "backstage". Those states that are trying to hold nationally oriented policies "punish" as Libya today. Nearly all public figures have "leverage": whose children overseas accounts, any sins. Honest just kill, but usually they do not rise, their "weed out" the initial stages. Parties, including the "opposition", all artificially created and perform a role. They cut other people on the communists, liberals, patriots, monarchists, right-wing, nationalist, etc.

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7. System of education. This system is aimed at growing idiots "plankton" all interests — football, women (men), beer, summer vacation. All the best moments, which were in the Soviet system, almost destroyed, the children make fools deliberately cultivated sexual promiscuity, are false values — the cult of the golden calf. Introduced artificial youth flow type punks, Goths, skins, this creative energy of young "Channeling".

8. The media. Constant lies, concealment of truth, distortion of facts, a lot of non-relevant information. Imposition of cultural destruction through the characters & Events: promotion of smoking, alcohol abuse, sexual promiscuity, mat and rudeness. Instead of continuing efforts to improve the individual and society that occupied very few public decomposed.

9. Economics and finance. Created a cult of the "golden calf", people turn to consumers' economic man. " Sold everything: people, secret, life, relationships, loyalty. With the dollar and the euro in part manipulators created virtual system, when a paper sell real resources. With the help of credit in financial dependence put entire nations and millions of people, they are slaves of the owners of the Federal Reserve System of the USA and a number of other multinational banks.

10. Deliberate destruction of the normal system of the human-nature. People have created a consumer attitude to Nature, the economy created a barbaric plunder of natural resources. Person consciously separated from nature, creating a giant metropolis, where the impossibility of normal, healthy life. Person deprived of powerful defenders: Sun, Water, Earth, Air and all of Mother Nature as a whole.

11. Degradation of leisure. The man is practically devoid of normal pastime, under Stalin was given the task to the person worked 4-5 hours a day, and spent the rest of the physical training, self-education, the right to rest — in nature, without drugs. And now the average person runs 8:00, another hour or two on the road, sleeping 8 hours and hours "zomboyaschika." At the weekend — further destruction, alcohol, night party, television, idleness.

12. Degradation of health and medicine. The total use of drugs has led to the development of mass mutational disease and degradation of the human immune system. The health care system treats the consequences rather than working to prevent, rather than the widespread implementation of healthy living systems (such as "Kids" P. Ivanov, "Common-Slavic"). Mass abortion, vaccination, replanting of people on drugs — all this leads to the degradation of humanity.

13. Weapon of genocide. People kill and suppress their consciousness with alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, junk food, GMOs.

14. Material weapons. People are being killed and intimidated death threat — terrorism, war, revolution, crime of murder. All this fear and terror in people, reduces the possibility to think clearly, make people ruled.

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