KGB continues raids

Society have retired KGB colonel Valery Kostka, living in Smalyavichy, the KGB began a search. They showed the paper that the search was conducted in the case of the riots. About This was reported "Radio Liberty" wife of Mr. Bones. She said that the bone was not involved in the action on December 19 and was at home.

KGB officers called the mother Andrew Kim, which is in the hospital and was told that her apartment would be searched.

Noon friend of the executive committee of the UCP Tatiana Shackell called security officers and demanded that she immediately came to the KGB. According to Tatiana, the KGB reported about a room that supposedly refers to the international secretary of the United Civil Party Andrei Dmitriev. KGB officers said they have the key to this room, and a search warrant, the website of the United Civil Party.

About 21 hours, and received information that the apartment of the independent journalist Ekaterina Tkachenko trying to get known. Now the phone does not meet Catherine. According to her friends, Catherine Today did not go in for questioning by the KGB, where she was summoned.

KGB officers searched another today with relatives Andrei Dmitriev. The first was at the apartment of the policy, the second — in the apartment of his mother. Now came the turn of the cottage, reports "Nasha Niva. "


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