Kiberprotivostoyanie 2013: forecasts of professionals

According to the forecasts of professionals in 2013, cyberspace will become an arena of conflict between states, organizations and private individuals. Cyber attacks not only increase in number, but increase significantly the level of their anger. The aim of cyber attacks will not only desire to make or espionage, and a demonstration of skills, professionalism, and the attacking forces.

It should be noted that online espionage quite a profitable business, crime, which is hard to justify. Government agencies and organizations in most cases produce cyber attacks intended to destroy, to kill sensitive information or financial resources of competitors.

Once in 2013, we are likely to become witnesses of a virtual "saber rattling" of participants kiberprostranstvennyh wars. These acts, according to plan parties to conflict, are intended to frighten the enemy and are an opportunity to express themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Experts they say about increasing targeted attacks on non-governmental organizations and individuals for political purposes.

Although, thanks to the use of protective measures could be reduced, in fact, not at the prevalence of fake anti-viruses, the virtual world of serious danger to the actions of ransomware virus software (ransomware). Their goal — to force the user to pay for the return of their devices in working condition.

This business was a rogue before, but offenders are faced with the problem, is not harmful to them, received it from the victims. But the wide distribution of online payment and decided to kibervorishek this puzzle.

Maybe these kiberblokiratory will be engaged not only the obvious extortion, and will learn a new kind of crime — cyber-bullying. The essence of it is that they are deliberately influence the emotions of their own victims, inflict mental injury, also complicate recovery techniques systems after their own cyber attacks.

Last cyber-terrorists attacks on mobile marketing software systems (madware-program): the user will fill up a great lot of pop-ups, will be created unneeded tabs, change browser options, and personal information nick will be available to attackers. According to reports, in the first nine months of 2012, the number of attacks using madware-programs has increased by 210%. This type of cybercrime promotes the desire of many companies to increment its own revenue through distribution of mobile advertising.

Specialists also portend a boost in 2013 the number of attacks aimed at stealing payment data in social networks. Scammers try to force the victims to tell their own financial and personal information to a fake e-mail addresses send out bogus messages about gifts, etc.

Cyber criminals are going to track all the new technologies. Specifically, the new mobile platform will be to cybercriminals this year. The proof is an unlimited amount of malware for OS Android, which practically stormed the system in 2012.

Large leak information also contributes to the presence in the corporate networks vulnerable devices that accumulates information (Sometimes secret).

In social networks there is a situation when the desire to update the library user's own applications, in most cases, leads to the computer of infection.

All was widespread development of electric purses. And no doubt, this platform will be the next target for cyberhawks.

As a result, the introduction of mobile payments means of mobile devices, cybercriminals came another source of income.

Payment systems are becoming increasingly popular on-site at the technical level in the middle of inexperienced users and specifically they can become victims of theft by cybercriminals disk imaging.

Analysts predict that the theft of money and personal disk imaging in 2013 will grow by 200 times: theft from Yandex.Sredstv Strength 350 times, with WebMoney — 150 times with PayPal — 20 times. But most of all malware stormed the operating system Android — 400% more than in 2012.

Each user, whether it is a private organization or person, you should know that we have entered an era when no user can feel safe while working in the web.

Previously, hackers "hacked" computers, in most cases, in order to justify its an advantage to most of the users of the web, then at the moment they go online for real production — our means.

According to professionals in one of the leading global companies producing software, information security and antivirus Symantec, the online community has reached a level of such virtual relationships when anti-virus programs from steel only contingent protection software, and cybercriminals are significantly ahead of those who develops and distributes software-protection from cyber attacks.

This fact confirms that the actions of the criminals are not protected not only computers everyday users, and strategic objects: for example, a serving of NASA technology, nuclear power plants, nuclear and other sensitive sites

U.S. Congressmen supported the military department responsible adequate actions to cyber attacks. They fit to assess the level of risk for the U.S. military and civilian objects emanating from the outside. In 2012, the U.S. government resources were cyberattacks 12 million times, computers Iraqi government to test the impact of 28 million attacks, information resources Israel attacked 44 million times.

Cyber attacks are committed not only private individuals, and perfectly cooked experts at terrorist organizations, hackers are also working on the request of hidden services and the governments of various countries.

During the presidential elections in Russia, computers government agencies were attacked 1.2 million times.

The most recognizable robber hidden materials — Julian Paul Assange, put on your own website 150 thousand hidden documents, believes that society to this day do not understand the fact that now need not fear bombs and hacking computers that control them.

For cyber-terrorists attacks on other people's computers are a very profitable business. Price organized a successful attack to steal a hidden disk imaging is 12.3 million dollars. A cyber attack on the software industry or military facility valued customers in more than 5 times.

If the fear of professionals hold true, then maybe the time will come when there will be the need to conquer others areas as tools, resources, media and whole Business is on the network and all these components run computers. And the one who will keep them under control, he is overcome.

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