In the U.S., work began on the creation of a protective helmet, which is very similar to the props the movie "Star Wars," and involved in the design of exoskeletons that can increment by the person making it virtually "Robocop." According to experts, the twenty-first century warrior, who had put on armor, which are currently being developed for it, one hundred percent human traits lose, well, he'll have to think less, almost all of it will make the computers. Practically such "star infantryman" will own only one function — opening fire on command, using as a target designated by the enemy. But all of this is the theory, and that
it is in fact?

Forgotten pages of history

Infantry helmet in the spirit of "Star Wars" is not bad, but the best-selling book in the said Hollywood is not won by those stormtroopers, and brave and fair Jedi, whose ammunition was an everyday clothes, which is identical to the one worn by even our Slavic ancestors — a free shirt belt, comfortable pants and boots. It seems unusual, but the uniforms a thousand years ago was much more functionality than even the early XX century.

Earlier dressed so that it was comfortable and wage war, and work. Wide belt served to protect the abdomen and spine warriors, wearing boots it easier to move astride horses, besides boots were placed in a small dagger, which was later dubbed the knife. Before the fight was worn over a shirt or any other mail protection, that protected warriors from piercing-cutting tools enemy. Then it all depended on the martial art of a particular person, is to say that our brave forefathers had it to perfection. Phenomenon, but outfitting squad majestic Prince Dmitry Donskoy looked more normal than the uniforms of armies encountered at Borodino. And waged war on the Kulikovo field in the contact maneuvering combat, while at Borodino soldiers and officers spent many hours standing in a dense "boxes" or moving marched, or dying in a beautiful square. Yes, they were dressed in European-style fine uniforms, but with all this often carried stupid loss.

With all of this even more paradoxically, that the global trend of development in military uniform over the whole century was one — awkward, but fine. Even at this point, in a new millennium, remain convinced that the form for the officers and a fighter can only design the prestigious fashion designer, and not those people who understand that the form must first be comfortable for the fight, but not perfect.

But common sense has its uniform. In countries more advanced military uniforms going through high-quality configuration. Yes, certainly, not to not disappear parade uniforms, in what would be shameful not seem outside the garrison, and the field will remain as a form, which will be worn brand-new combat ammunition. And our army will still turn away from the beautiful form, the proposed Yudashkin, which for all that could not bear the terrible Russian winter tests.

Jedi in the garb of a cyborg

Future odezhka NATO fighter will be very rich, its distinctive feature will be that the top of it can be put on any modern armor, which can be very different. So in a new South American helmet will bring first protection from the damaging causes such as exposure, undermining the guerrillas as a land mine. It is expected that will achieve what the eardrum will not transfer the action of the shock wave, there will be a concussion. The helmet will be packed with the maximum of computer and radio equipment. Without removing the helmet, a fighter will be able to track their position on the battlefield, to receive commands and targeting. Neisklyucheno that will be installed in the helmet filters, which give it the characteristics of a gas mask.

If the states of the so-called the ekzosklete, which is currently used for loading and unloading, it will become even more massive and ergonomic, but most importantly — easier. In exoskeleton fighter will be able to move around the battlefield with a weary weight on his shoulders, jumping mine-affected areas so nimbly climb the highest hills or buildings. The developers of these gadgets are convinced that they will first need during counter-terrorist operations, but with all this, the army has always created not to fight the guerrillas, and the first to deal with the constant forces of the enemy.

Cellophane as an armor

The fact that the fighter in combat criteria must be very secure, the Americans realized during the war in Vietnam, they just come to realize that after the fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan. The U.S. Army, which has stepped into a series of local conflicts of the twentieth century, was completely different from yourself time to be ashamed of leaving the South-East Asia. Uniforms and Apparel South American fighter who landed in the Persian Gulf in the 1990s, different from the one in which wore Expeditionary Force in Vietnam as a pilot suit supersonic aircraft pilot's uniform from the First World War.

In the near future defense fighter will become even more versatile and sturdy. The back and chest are covered with tough fighter titanium or a clay sinkers, able to withstand the hit not only the rifle bullet, and pay off a blast wave. The side of the body, arms and legs are covered with bullet-proof flexible synthetic overlays.

At the current time as the synthetic Kevlar armor is applied. But it is possible that in the not to distant future to replace him come cellophane. As it turned out, this all recognizable polymer produced with nanoadditives becomes the owner of a mind-blowing options: become more resistant to external factors than Kevlar. With all this softness cellophane warrants traumatic effect that is inherent in a modern bullet-proof vest. Thus, the bullet can not penetrate body armor, but the body of a fighter gets hit such a dynamic force, which sometimes leads to the rupture of internal organs, which can lead to death. It is understood that the use of cellophane is excluded. Moreover, the material is lighter than water. In this case, body armor and be able to do the function of a lifejacket, which is very crucial for the crews of warships and marines. Maybe specifically cellophane specific functional armor will come.

Our armor for a fighter

NATO has long been intensively studied and promising protection for their own fighter. Thus, any of the states trying to do something original. While the favorites France and the United States. In these countries is the creation of real combat systems for those who will wage war on the ground. Everything that has been written above, is being developed in the United States. But the huge popularity gained ammunition French FELIN. It has the least exotic compared to what is being developed in the U.S. to order the Pentagon, but thus more functional. And what does happen in our country?

This may seem weird, but in many areas of protection and the creation of comfortable form, we have not so long ago were world leaders, well, now is not all positions are still missing. Brand new equipment fighter Russian army — it's not the perfect uniforms, which are shown military and civilian public on the catwalks. This is a complex security, navigation and communication that meets all the essential requirements of the modern battlefield.

The French outfit FELIN

Work on the creation of a fundamentally new forms of protection and destruction began in our country in the 80-ies of XX century. The work was done at the Central Research Institute of Machine Building in the town of clear Klimovsk. For this is not a lot of talking that acronym
hides one of the leading global manufacturers of equipment and small tools. This SRI know very well how to defend a fighter on the battlefield.

At the time, the implementation of the concept of "soldier as a fighting system" first started specifically in Russia, not in NATO countries. In our country, designed interrelated complex protection of life support, management, and even the power supply separately taken fighter. A forthcoming Russian complex includes the sensor-transmitter which give signals about the true fundamental parameters of the human body. Imagine after the languid fight, you could go to find exactly who live out of a fighter, and who need help and where the wounded soldier.

By his own physical appearance, our promising outfit looks even more aesthetically pleasing than the powerful, which wears a poster soldier of the American army. In fact, at the moment it is not what is not inferior to the famous French kit FELIN, except solely in cost.

Russian fighter protection, as in most of Western models, combined and differentiated. All relevant bodies covered basic light titanium armor that can withstand machine-gun bullets hit. Is widely used and synthetic protection. To replace the ordinary helmet helmets come in the very different performance: titanium, composite, composite or iron. Our helmets are the least exotic as promising South American, but also help out the ears of barotrauma, and the brain from concussions.

Unfortunately, a bullet-proof cellophane now available for the Russian Federation, first in terms of technology. But at the moment for the Russian Navy vest immediately makes and function of a life vest. If any sailor carrying a watch that requires the wearing of body armor, will be in the water, it does not utopnet and will float on the surface like a cork. This development — is Russian know-how.

Of mandatory Russian fighter for the future and personal navigation and communication. Each fighter, sent on a mission must have a personal radio receiver and satellite navigation system GLONASS gallakticheskoy. This set of clothing is recommended to the adoption, it is hoped that it will be supplied to the troops already in the near future.

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