Kibervozmozhnosti China began to threaten the South American armed forces

March 9 report which company Northrop Grumman has prepared for the U.S. Congress, celebrated the achievement of China itself kibervozmozhnostey level, which would be a danger to South American armed forces in the event of a military conflict. This report highlights the fact that the PLA (People's Liberation Army of China) relies specifically on "information warfare."

The report said that the command of the PLA believes that the successful conduct of hostilities in almost everything depends on the implementation of control over the information systems of a potential enemy. With respect to Taiwan, the People's Liberation China's army will focus on the preventive use of kibervozmozhnostey own, in order to prevent the interference of the United States of America or else aggravate their military potential.

The report states that the PLA will have access to new technologies in the military sphere, which will give Chinese companies, some of which are foreign role. The People's Liberation army China, together with these companies receive the tracking ability of the supply chain of electrical equipment for the U.S. military, government and civilian sectors. As a consequence of such a process — "catastrophic failure" of systems and networks that are very critical to the infrastructure of the United States.

In this regard, the U.S. Congress created the commission, which is to prepare report, relating to national security, which can be bad for trade and economic relations between the U.S. and China. The report gets to the U.S. Senate, where he will debate surrounding the issue of cybersecurity.

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