Kiev authorities fear that can break through the dam

The capital is now considered a catastrophic scenario — because of warming, which forecasters predict in the last week of February, the dam will burst Kiev HPP, and people have to be evacuated.

Discussed the possible consequences of floods Kiev officials. "This year the weather will suit us more than one test, when the snow begins to melt — said at a meeting of the Headquarters for Emergency Kiev head KCSA Alexander Popov. — First of all, we must clear all drains and drainage system of the city, because if the melt water will have nowhere to drain, then our streets will turn into tributaries of the Dnieper. "

DAM. Departmental head at the KSCA emergency Vitaly Wheat said "Today": the worst thing that can happen because of melting snow — this is a breakthrough of the Kiev hydroelectric dam. Therefore already created special commission, which on Monday will test the strength of the dam. "Of course, we will not knock on it with hammers, and only heard the report responsible for the technical condition of the dam. There's a serious problem — it's the crust of ice with a thickness of up to half a meter. When the ice begins to melt and move, the dam can not withstand, "- told us Wheat.

Earlier, the threats associated with the dam, but environmentalists said, and the government claimed that there is nothing wrong can not happen. After all, if you happen to break, it will be under water Obolon, Troyeshchyna, Rusanivka, Podol, Pechersk and Kharkov array. But at City Hall hoping that PE is not, they say, the structure of capital.

EVACUATION. More likely, according to departmental head emergencies that Kiev will flood. "Next week, when we get accurate calculations of meteorologists, we calculate what would be the high water. We there is a special computer program, "- says Wheat. Most likely, flood Rusanivka, Voskresenka, Osokorki. "But in this case we are preparing a plan for the evacuation of people," — said Wheat, with its details not specified. But may suffer not only the coastal areas.

The melting of snow in Kiev could be repeated Flood, who survived Kiev last summer. Then, because of the heavy rains in the water were nearly all subways and tracks where the pit. Many had to repair the sunken road cars, to save their market places of transition and even cross the road on inflatable boats. Cause flooding then became clogged livnevki and collectors, who promised to clean up. But it did not.

"Programme for the Reconstruction of the complex and we are a clean and prepared for billions of hryvnia, and establish it was not approved. Still lies in the Kyiv City Council "- told us the CEO" Kyivavtodor "George Glinski. True, he believes that the situation is different from winter summer. "Then, because showers were strong, and now the snow will melt slowly," — says Glinsky.

Andreevskie threatened. In addition to roads, houses and possibly flooding basements in them. Therefore Popov ordered the first thing to take out the snow that gathered outside. His recall being taken to a special area (wasteland), which are in each area. For example, in Goloseevskiy region — is on the ground Saperno-Sloboda. But the head of the Commission for Culture Kyivrada Alexander Briginets fears for what the melting of snow on the old buildings Andrew's descent will crack.

"Due to the reconstruction of Andrew's descent there was dug a huge pit depth of three meters. The pit is located close to the houses, which the melting of the snow will be put under threat of destruction: the water will wash away the pit, and along with the foundation of houses, "- told us Briginets. Under huge threat, he said, the literary-memorial museum of Bulgakov, that already there are cracks. In KSCA assure that Andrew will not suffer.

Forecasters: flood IN ANY CASE

Meteorologists have told us that the flood Kiev inevitable. "The threat of flooding is, in fact in the capital a lot of snow. Snow cover is up to 35 cm, and in the snow, a lot of water. When it starts to melt, it will be difficult, "- told us Ukrgidromettsentra deputy Anatoly Prokopenko. It is true to say the exact date when the city will make the fire, he can not, they say, until February 13, it will be possible to predict the weather. "Maybe the two weather scenarios — good and bad. Bad, if it starts to warm up and rain. Then Kyiv very flood. Well, a good script, if will gradually warm up: a day plus and minus at night "- says Prokopenko. However, in this case, have bad drivers and pedestrians, as will be the dreaded ice.

Anastasia Bratkov

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