Kiev begins the latest war with Russia

Kiev again tries to solve its prepyadstviya the expense of, and started coming true across the board — so, practically begins a new round of "gas war", the authorities of Sevastopol need to raise fees for the basing of the Black Sea Fleet in the coffers of the town. And this is against a background of the failure of the plans of Kiev on European integration, Hell of falling ratings of Yanukovych.

Last prepyadstviya Kiev

— According to a study by the Razumkov Center in May 2011, one hundred percent support of the president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych 10.9% of the people of the country, while in May 2010, this rate reached 39.1%. Generally not support Yanukovych today almost half of the respondents — 48.1%. These frisky pace did not drop even a rating Russophobe Yushchenko.

The main premise of this: the failure Yanukovych's own campaign promises, has not proved style made him a "good manager" style defender of the rights of the head of the Russian population, supporter of rapprochement with Russia, the termination of the former Russophobic course. Yanukovych was just another "upgrade" anti-Russian, pro-Western leaders.

— Absolutely fell in the course of European integration, continued Kiev under Yanukovych. The myth of future happiness in the EU exploded. In some ways it was like the myth of "building communism" in 1980 — the entry into the EU was to solve all prepyadstviya Ukraine. May 25 2011 , the European Commission announced the latest strategy of so-called. European Neighbourhood Policy. Neighboring countries of the EU is able to get 7000000000. euro, but Kiev and is not in danger, much more so does not threaten Ukraine and the prospect of EU membership. Applications can be submitted, but it does not mean the opportunity to join the EU. Take over the tasks of Ukraine in the EU there are none out there with the other countries go bankrupt do not know what to do. Even cash assistance to Kiev to be seen — it is, in the words of the European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fule, Ukraine should be "better" to show themselves in the previous period. And in the success of Ukrainian reforms in the EU does not believe, as a success in the fight against corruption. Task and so referred to as changes in "the development of democracy in the country", and in 2010 a report on the implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy in Ukraine, said: "The EU is concerned about lowering the level of deference to the major freedoms and democratic principles in Ukraine."

In the end, Ukraine lost "pink bubble" and that on? Is it time to Ukrainian intelligentsia and the power to get rid of marasmic pro-Western legends? Or, you also need to destroy the country?

— Because Ukraine is in active negotiations with the EU on the signing of an agreement on free trade area and a couple of times refused Moscow's proposals to join the Customs Alliance. So, in April of this year, Putin even flew to Kiev to break through this decision, the modified formula — the "3 +1" (three CU countries plus Ukraine as a "friend"). Because Moscow since 2005 imposes sanctions on Ukrainian imports. At the current time it decided to make Belarus and Kazakhstan. It knocked on metallurgy and Khimprom Ukraine. On turn meat and dairy products in Ukraine. And all the difficulties associated with stubborn zeal integrated into Europe.

The claims against the Russian Federation

— Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov at a meeting in Moscow with Vladimir Putin wanted to get a discount on natural gas. Prior to this, he stated that the calculation formula will be revised and Ukraine will revise the price for transit through its territory. But he refused.

Miller announced for Ukraine killer figure — $ 500. for a thousand cubic meters., Kiev, and so is experiencing a severe disadvantage, reduces the consumption of the population. Plus the failure of the pension reform, the issue hryvnia. Ukraine expects to illumine the script Belarus, only 2-3 times worse as the economy of Belarus looks more stable. Kiev "dosidela on 2-(3-x) chairs" — Now, on the one hand, the failure of the negotiations on accession to the EU, on the other hand, Moscow does not encourage lust west course of official Kiev at their own expense.

And Kiev is also trying to put pressure on Moscow — in Europe, for this is "Tymoshenko case" that Tipo signed an agreement with Putin in exchange for closing the criminal case against her by the Defense Ministry. Sounded even able to call Putin for questioning in the case. A gas contract will stipulate in an international court.

— Sevastopol authorities claimed the growth of payments to the treasury of the town on the Black Sea Fleet. Subject Fleet in Ukraine is always linked with the issues of gas, a kind of blackmail, he says, will be to press, will review the contract and "ask" of Sevastopol.

In the end, while Kiev, instead of to begin real economic cooperation with Russia, leading mestyachkovye "war", only made things worse. All the same, only the West Kiev in order to deter Russia. Illusions about getting into Europe must have forgotten how terrible dream.

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