Kiev did not know what to do with the fascists of Galicia

After the Battle of Lviv Western Ukraine swears allegiance to the hero-Bandera.

Official Ukrainian authorities practically ignored the current, May 11 appeal of the State Duma of the Russian Federation to immediately punish Lviv extremists who had organized a general battle on the day of victory. It looks like they just lost control of the public situation in the region.

Now the Russian parliament adopted a special statement regarding the blasphemous provocation in the capital of Galicia. The document states that "representatives of a number of Ukrainian nationalist organizations with the connivance of the authorities of Lviv have done acts of vandalism against major victory, attacked the Russian war veterans stateliness, trampled memorial wreath that was to be entrusted to the military cemetery."

It's about a wreath, which carried the Lviv Hillock Glory Consul General of the Russian Federation Oleg Astakhov. Young Nazis attacked the representation of employees. Oleg Astakhov knows how masked gunmen wipe my feet on the Russian municipal flag and tore a chest diplomats St. George ribbons. The police did not respond to the incident.

Duma and the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed outrage, hoping that "provocateurs will be punished in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine." But it is impossible in principle — on the other will have to arrest and put a good half of Lviv! ..

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Konstantin Grishchenko advised not to interfere in the Russian Federation Lviv "dispute". This he said during his stay in Istanbul, commenting on the statement by Russian Foreign Ministry regarding the slaughter of Lviv.

And from Moscow already flowing soothing rhetoric — say, Bandera Sabbath "has no relation to the official policy of Kiev and does not affect the positive development of Russian-Ukrainian relations." Worthless picket protest at the building of the Embassy of Ukraine to Moscow police dispersed a detachment to protect diplomatically offices. Two young Muscovites with a banner "For our old ears cut off" will be arrested and brought to administrative responsibility.

Meanwhile, the scandal inside Ukraine is gaining momentum. In the evening of Tuesday, May 10 Viktor Yanukovych suggested that the Attorney General Victor Pshonka to form a working group involving representatives of the Security Service and the Interior Ministry — "to explore the events of May 9 and to provide legal assessment of the identified violations of human rights and freedoms."

This looks like a reaction to the president's weird spectacle. Yanukovych seriously "proposes to examine the events," although in fact perfectly clear that the days of mayhem Victory upheld virtually all of the deputies headed by Chairman Lviv Oleg Pankevich council. Apart from them, in a skirmish on the hill of Fame was the head of the Ternopil regional council Qaeda Alex with his lads.

Curious details of today's resignation of the governor of Lviv region Misha Tsimbalyuk. He was appointed to the post for only six months back the personal order of Yanukovych. Lieutenant-General, a man reputed to be Tsimbaljuk decisive and bold. But the latter-day Bandera were stronger. "The morning of May 10 to my office got about fifty deputies of the regional and city councils. They uttered that will not go away until I write a letter of resignation, — says the governor. — So as not to strain the situation and not to disgrace the honor, I wrote … "

— We have it just on the physical level will not allow it to work in the regional administration — promised the head of the ultra-nationalist faction Union "Freedom" in the Lviv regional council Ira Cex.

True slap in the face of the central government was the current decision of the city council of Lviv Morshyn. At the plenary meeting of local MPs unanimously awarded the OUN leader Stepan Bandera the title of the first prominent citizen Morshina.

The founder of this solution was the secretary of the City Council Nikolai Governor, a sports club "Plai". This is the eighth city in Western Ukraine, where Bandera made notable citizen. Among them, a big-name resort Truskavets which also placed in the Lviv region. After the bloody days of the Victory segodnyaschy Morshinskaya action was accompanied by oath "to fight to the death with the commies and Muscovites" — although so far more than half of holidaymakers coming to the mineral water and Maximus Morshina specifically from Russia …

Live the 1st of the most popular national television Managing Head Office for Humanitarian and socio-political issues of the presidential administration, Anna Herman tried to bring the action to Lviv normal skirmish slop marginals. "And the ultra-left and far right, who took part in those provocations — Political sucks. Guilty of both parties — are political outcasts "- said Mrs. Herman born from Lvov.

How unfortunate it did not sound version with marginal obviously does not work. Passion is trying to reassure the public by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.

— I am deeply convinced that the Lions — pride Ukraine, raschudesny friendly town, and we can not allow extremists to try to spoil his reputation — as prime minister opened an emergency meeting of the government.

May 11 at the conciliation council met urgently Parliament. People's representatives want to be informed by the Interior Minister Anatoly Mogilev on the investigation into the riots on May 9. The control of the Communist Party Peter Simonenko called for a ban nationalist movements. According to him, in Lviv, local governments, "sided with the pro-fascist organizations and opposed the rule of law in Ukraine."

Currently Communist Symonenko most closely cooperates with the ruling Party of Regions. Many are convinced that such makarom "regionals" were given out to the surface ideas that are still hesitant to voice themselves.

Among other, it was proposed to hold urgent re-election Lviv Regional Council. But where is the guarantee that the new regional deputies will be the least Bandera?

The sensation was another proposal Communist MPs. They claimed to deprive the "pro-fascist" Lviv Euro 2012!

Peter Simonenko called for a shift finishing part of the football championship in Dnipropetrovsk or Odessa. Parliament has prepared a letter of appeal to the management of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). Cabinet Platini also expressed his concern. In fact, this is the official recognition — National extremists are able to make a new mess.

Tournament Director in Ukraine Yevhen Rudakov confirmed that Lviv will discuss zavarushku to UEFA. City may deem unsafe for participants and fans.

Thought transference finishing games supported in the Donbass. "In a situation of political inconstancy, when the government, in fact, can not manage and implement their own solutions as we talk about high quality and non-hazardous carrying championship is not necessary," — says an influential MP "Regions" from Lugansk Valery Filippov.

On Wednesday in Lugansk scheduled an extraordinary session of the regional council. The same extraordinary session, "the fascists" will be held throughout the southeast. Among other, the Donbas wants to extend its territory to the event "Victory Banner".

Country vengeance discusses the hottest action. Informal anti-fascist resistance hero was 29-year-old citizen of Lviv Svyatoslav Sopilnik — the only one with a gun in his hand defended the Russian veterans of stateliness. At the moment it is in the clinic with a
fractured skull.

— The scion of a friend came to lay flowers on the graves of a fighter on the Hillock of Fame, next came two pensioners with ribbons on his chest. They blocked the path of eight 10-s nationalists in masks, tore the ribbon from the old — says the father Svyatoslav. — Scion yelled: "Do not come, I'll shoot!". And later on he snapped, thrashed the bat on the head.

— What came out in Lviv, in the end can affect our state — quite reasonably argues favorite of the parliamentary faction of the Party of Regions, Alexander Efremov. The problem of split Ukraine, as it were upstaged again at the hearing. Zapadentsy obviously do not take historical characters and moral values of the overwhelming majority of Ukrainians.

"Lviv after all — ordinary people, and Galicia totally fascist" — this phrase is helplessly naive director of the Kiev Center for Political and Conflict research Misha Pogrebinskii practically undermined Ukrainian blogs.

Here are the most myagenkie comments "about":

"… I also love the Ukraine, with so much so that I wish there were two: one for us, and the second you — and there varites further in his own fascist shit."

"… We live in the same country? So in fact not the same! Neuzh it is not clear that it is better official "Divorce." Lions does not produce anything, not counting the latest outbreak of anger and hatred. Why do we have a state, if we have different values and different look to our shared history. And it's forever, for generations to come. "

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