Kiev in response to the gas ultimatum Moscow responded military exercises

Now on the eve of the beginning of the heating season and Ukraine Our homeland once again found themselves on the brink of war — the "gas." As surprising as it may sound, but these have become classic confrontation with the approach of cold weather, but if all the above issues were resolved diplomatically in the negotiations (but now for some similar talks last prime minister Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko behind bars would be possible), then today's confrontation in Kiev decided to answer a demonstration of military might. It happened immediately after the Crimea in the 1st step of the research field of command and staff exercises with the Armed Forces of Ukraine diverse entitled "Responding adequately — 2011."

Eugene Lupakov, Captain 1st rank of supplies and an active member of the "Union of Officers Ukraine, "Which became known in the early 90's, in fact its diverse criminal activities in the division of the Black Sea Fleet between Russia and Ukraine, and it is said:" All the exercises are taking place according to the developed year the plan of combat training. I can not help but admit that it is very good that these large-scale exercises take place once the events that show the anger of the Russian Federation, and not only in the gas issue, and in almost all others. And these exercises will demonstrate again our fearless brothers, but in fact the invaders that do not play too long with us. After all, it was already in question for Tuzla. Our guys justify that the Ukraine is not worth playing. The Ukrainian military has what and how to defend. "

First, who is that of Eugene Lupakov? In 1992, as deputy commander of the 14th Division, a separate Black Sea Fleet submarines, Lupakov one of the first officers of the Ukrainian took the oath. From now on, he began to intensively tamp besides their own colleagues. The case then nearly ended in disaster. Here's what he said in this case, Igor Leukhin, captain, while senior assistant commander of the diesel submarine B-871, "March 13, 1992 in the evening lock B-871 to the ideological work with staff Petrenko sailors gathered Ukrainian nationality, passing emergency services, and under no reasonable excuse led them on submarines moored at the floating pier in the South Bay. Upon arrival at the pier, Commander Petrenko gave the order to "Team Down" and a rocket fired three missiles reddish. On a given signal from the far side of the bay arrived Eugene Lupakov. At the central office, using the ship's communications, he read the text of the oath of allegiance to the State Ukraine. The signatures on the sheet prepared in advance put Petrenko, and four officers and sailors Makhno.

Correctly assessed the situation, bilge driver sailor A. Zayats and M. ABDULLIN minder sailor standing on watch, sealed in the 4th compartment and threatened to suspend the ventilation of the battery, which threatened to burst gas consistency, appealed to the requirement to give them a link to the commander or from the XO.

About what happened, we know specifically commander of the sailors, who were returning to barracks after dinner. Commander directed me to the boat, he walked into the team in order to clarify the situation and tell the commander of the joint. At the central office I found Lupakova. At this point, the navigator boat station. Lieutenant Barinov read aloud the text of the oath Ukrainian. Litsezrev this, I immediately withdrew the watch magazine, said of the illegality of their actions performed and claimed the warship to leave immediately. "

In general, then B-871 managed to defend, and it is now in the battle of the Russian Black Sea Fleet under the title "Alrosa". A Eugene Lupakov urgently to his cap screwed trident and turned into concrete Ukrainian patriot, in every step of detecting the intrigues, arranged by the Russian side.

But that's history. Much more interesting to do today Ukrainian doctrine under the sonorous title "Responding adequately — 2011." Teachings are to the role once the Army, Navy and Air Force of Ukraine on 15 test sites in the performance of missile launches and firings. Total fights are participating in training 9,500 troops, more than 2,300 pieces of military equipment and weapons, namely, 33 ships, 40 aircraft, 31 helicopters, boats and supply vessels. Nothing more ambitious Ukrainian military did not produce long years. The reason, in general, commonplace: the lack of funds. Now, of course, have been found.

But it is not so far away. As you know, the defense budget of Ukraine, for example, the 2010 year was projected at $ 13 billion. hryvnia — really in the troops received only 9 billion. According to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Misha Ezhela, for mere survival army in 2011 requires a minimum of 19.8 billion. hryvnia. But the budget allocated only 13.6 billion.

The results are as follows. According to the Center for Military-Political Studies, combat readiness of forces and means of the Ukrainian Navy is to this day, only 7%. The only "naval" programm Ukraine to create its own corvette frozen. Average flying hours of pilots in the Air Force is 30-40 times less than that required to prepare aspects of NATO.

It is clear that the funds in the Ukrainian army there not only for teaching, and for the simple maintenance of combat power. Is unclear — what was to conduct large-scale exercises so against a background of poverty?

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