Kiev still launch program from the construction of the project 58250 corvettes?

Ukrainian Navy until 2021 will have four new ship class "corvette". This, according to ITAR-TASS, said Defense Minister Mikhail Yezhel. According to the Minister of Defence, the total amount of funding programs from the construction of the ships will be 16.22 billion hryvnia (2.04 billion dollars). According to the plans of Kiev, the head corvette series will be built in 2016 at the Nikolayev shipyard Black Sea.

The concept of a motivated defense programs from building ships of class "corvette"Ukrainian government approved March 9, 2011. Document involves construction of 4 ships of project 58250. Slandered concept creation 10 corvettes, which should enter into the Ukrainian Navy. Yet, due to lack of funds until 2021 will be built only Four Project 58250 corvettes. During the next 4 months, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine should prepare a project motivated applets.

History of the Project 58250. Purpose and Features

Since 2006, the project was developed Nicholas's Enterprise "Research and Design Center of Shipbuilding", in 2009, the Commission adopted the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Technology project Ukrainian multipurpose corvette (Project 58250). Ship stronger than standard ships "class" corvette "and by the power of approaching ships of class" frigate ". The ship will be able to do vsepolnotsenno function, missile, anti-ship and anti-submarine warfare. The appearance of the project shows that in its implementation will be used stealth technology. The main tool will be hidden inside the ship. The lead ship of the title was "Gaydku" he laid in 2009, but construction is frozen due to problems with financing. According to the plan it will consist of 60% of the parts made in Ukraine will fall to other weapons purchased from NATO countries, where partners act Ukrainian shipbuilders companies from Italy, Germany, France and Denmark. The ship is designed on the principle of open architecture — in other words, you can set not only the Western weapons systems, and Russian.

The basic performance characteristics of (In the words of chief designer Ukraine Military Shipbuilding, Director of State-owned Enterprise "Research and Design Center of Shipbuilding" Yevgeny Borisov, in an interview with the magazine Defense Express, № 1-2, January-February 2010)

Displacement, t — 2500
Length, m — 112
Width, m — 10,1-13
The highest speed, knots. — 32
Range, miles — 4000
Seaworthiness, providing operational use, in points — 6
Crew. — 110
Endurance, days. — 30
Diesel gas turbine power plant:
turbine housing — "Dawn-Mashproekt" (Nikolaev)
part of diesel — Caterpillar (USA)
Chillers — plant "Equator" (Nikolaev)

Aster-15 SAM — MBDA (France)
SCRC Exocet MM40 Block 3 — MBDA (France)
1 x 76mm AU Super Rapid — OTO Melara (Italy)
2 x 35mm AU Millennium — Oerlikon / Rheinmetall (Switzerland / Germany)
Remote-controlled machine gun — KMDB. Morozov (Kharkov)
In two three-tube TA-515 with torpedoes MU90 (Germany) and A244 (Italy) — Eurotorp,
Aircraft components — the Ka-27 — from having VMSU or NH90,
CICS (ACS DR) — DCNS (France),
Radars (with motionless PAR) — Research "Quantum" (Kiev)
The rest of the radar and the ECO (including "firing") — Research "Quantum" and "Quantum-Radar"
Bow to fade — NII "Gidropribor" (Kiev)
Towed to fade — Thales Underwater Systems (France)
The complex communication — "Telecard-device" (Odessa)
Comprehensive technical means SU ship — "Fiolent" (Simferopol).

Ate Kiev fails to bring this program from the end — it will be the end of the Ukrainian Navy and shipbuilding.

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