Kiev — the capital of the mighty are brand new RF

August 24, 2011 in Kiev extensively marked the 20th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine, who served as church services, generously distributed gifts and services. This date as June 12 — Independence day of, essentially faster dark days of the calendar, if reddish. If you do not go into the very meaning of the concept of "independence" of one of the Russian people from the other, it is worth taking a closer look at the devil's disengagement plan of the whole, one of the people into three parts: the Great Russians, Little Russians and Belorossy. So, once a powerful and professional Russian people was artificially enemies and traitors is divided into three parts, lacks the ability to be together, making up a whole majestic civilization.

The new stories such traitors were Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, who performed the treacherous plan of Rothschild — Rockefeller by forcibly disconnecting the Russian people. First, June 12, 1990 Boris Yeltsin declared the independence of the Russian Federation with the creation of the municipal institutions of government and the Central Bank, then Mikhail Gorbachev made a municipal coup d'etat hands, which naturally led to the declaration of independence of Ukraine. "Bialowieza conspiracy" was only just bonding arrangements for the separation of the Russian people into three parts. From now on, the fate of the Great Russians, Ukrainians and Belorossy in the hands of traitors and enemies of the Russian people, destroying it as a civilization, away from him as a result of the treacherous policies of the ruling elites of the land, mineral resources, industry, agriculture and the right to life itself.

This process of separating one part of the Russian people from the whole body started a great civilization in the XIX century enemies of — Poland and Austria for their care in 1846 created Cyril — Methodius Brotherhood. The objectives of this brotherhood was the destruction of the existing political system, and the establishment of freedom of thought, tolerance, and religious freedom. Already in 1863, began to take shape Ukrainiphilia and rebel General Miroslavsky called:

Let's throw a fire bomb and the Dnieper and Don — in heart of. Let him kill her, blow up hatred and quarrels within the Russian nation. The Russian will tear themselves with their claws, and we will grow and grow stronger.

These Polish — Austrian Ukrainians separatist tendencies in the late XIX — early XX century began to grow due to the financing of Austria and Germany, which in the inevitability of a future war sought to split the unity of the Russian people. In 1888, the German philosopher Hartmann pointed to the danger of the Russian Federation and called a tool of the dismember the Russian Empire and formed a separate kingdom Little Russian Kiev. 50 years later, another Teuton, but not a philosopher and philanthropist, and a militant Teuton, Adolf Hitler tried to translate dreams into reality of the past century. It did not work!

Another advocate of Polish rule in the lands of Little Russia, V.Kalinka Polish historian, wrote:

How to protect yourself? Create a "Ukrainian independent", which slowly begins to penetrate the Little Russians, is not enough to protect them from the inevitable absorption of Russia. If the opposing force is stored in its Pole Polish soul, that between the soul and the soul of Little Russian Muscovite no basic differences. Therefore, one should pour the latest in Little Russian soul — that is the main task of the Poles. This soul be from the West. Let the Little Russians his soul united with the West, and only outside the church ritual with the East. We then moved away to their homeland narrow confines of Great tribe, meanwhile, as the Dnieper, Don and the Black Sea there is something else. Then, maybe, the Little Russian Ukraine will return to the fraternity with Poland against Russia.

The database samostiynogo movements were immigrants from Poland, also Germanized intelligentsia, which had no popular support and do not rely on a national basis Ruthenia. "Independence supporters' first renounce the Russian language and called for the creation of Ukrainian kingdom under the patronage of the Habsburgs. The most important role in the separatist movement was played Uniate clergy, headed by the Metropolitan of the Russian Federation's worst enemy A.Sheptinskim Galicia, also a member of the Austrian House of Lords. At the time of its own presiding at the head of the Greek — Catholic Church, A.Sheptinsky admit new Uniate seminary only those with a strong anti-Russian orientation. One of the spokesmen samostiynogo was Dr. M.S.Grushevsky significantly falsify the history of Little Russia, also played for the autonomy and the abolition of the Russian language. During the War of 1914 M.S.Grushevsky was an accomplice to the enemy, and was arrested.

Another catchy representative offices of Ukraine from the Russian Federation was Leon Trotsky, which laid his life on the cause of destruction of the Russian state:

This basic fact of all prepyadstviya. He points out that, despite the great progress, perfect October revolution in the field of public relations, isolated proletarian revolution in a backward country was not able to resolve the issue of the state, especially Ukrainian, which is the very essence of his own has an international character. Ukrainian people for the most dissatisfied with their own destiny and their own government wants to constructively change it. The petty-bourgeois Ukrainian nationalists consider the motto of the independence of Ukraine the right, but objected to the combination of this motto with the proletarian revolution. They want to be independent democratic and not a Russian Ukraine. The actual release of the Ukrainian people inconceivable without a revolution or series of revolutions in the West, which should lead, eventually, to the creation of Russian United States of Europe.

Trotsky, as is evident from the above quotation, just do not care about samostiynogo Ukrainians, but he continues to fan the fire of the revolutionary transformation of the world Zionist plans under one central management. If there is a need to skip over the lives of millions of Russian people, it will do so without hesitation, because it ends justify any means. The successor of the "case" Trotsky soon became Adolf Hitler, who 11. 04. 1942 reads:

Village society should be organized so that between adjacent communities are not formed a sort of alliance. In any case, you should avoid the creation of a more unified churches or less extensive Russian lands. It is in our best interest to every village had its own sect with their ideas about God. Even if such makarom inhabitants of villages will be selected, like blacks or Indians, adherents of magical cultures, we can only welcome it, because those divisive tendencies in the Russian space even more effort …

The main point of any of the adherents of Ukrainians felt disconnected not only from the Great Russians, but even in the separation of one area of District 1. Do not you make and the current powers that be, sharing and pushing a contrived controversy not only the people, and the territory, destroying the church, culture and tradition? Imposing different sects, neo-paganism, magicians, soothsayers and healers of the Russian people are doing a bunch of feral tribes, dropped back for millennia, been forced to eke out a poor existence. This Trotskyite — Rothschild plan tried to realize throughout the XX century, separating and destroying the majestic Russian people, because it feared the harsh unifying force.

In 1954, the "jealous" of independent Ukraine Nikita Khrushchev made a gift to
the tercentenary Pereyaslavska Rada — handed the Crimean region of the USSR. Could Khrushchev to believe what disaster for Russia and Ukraine will slow the mine action? Naturally, I could, but as a follower of Trotsky simply did not act differently, because his goals were not focused on the strengthening of the unity of the Russian people, and helped strengthen separatist tendencies in the camp of the enemies of the Great and Little Russians unity. Particularly distinguished in the separation of one nation pal Khrushchev — V.Ya.Chubar, which, coupled with Antipov, Kosior, Sukhomlin Postyshev executed criminal and merciless Trotskyist komplot against the people of Ukraine — Famine 1932 — 1933's, which claimed nearly 4 million people. According to the results of the investigation it was established that the criminal group "right — Trotskyist bloc", entering into contact with foreign intelligence services, was to overthrow the existing government, undermining the military power of the Soviet Union and the division of the country, the pull of it in Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan . This was achieved not only by painstakingly planned sabotage and terrorist acts, and by the direct theft of grain, implement it abroad, looting people's money for their own use.

The point Trotsky — Khrushchev — V.Ya.Chubarya new Trotskyists continued: L.M.Kravchuk, Leonid Kuchma, Viktor Yushchenko, Viktor Yanukovych, to do everything for more greater separation and disengagement of the Russian people. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, despite his apparent orthodoxy, shows dedication "ideals" of the Jewish sect Chabad — Lubavitch and, as a follower of the "exercises" LD Trotsky, advocates the subordination of Ukraine to European and South American teams Rothschild — Rockefeller deprivation Ukrainian people's sovereignty and dignity and welfare of civilization. All the campaign promises of the status of the Russian language, closer to Russia, to increase the current level of population recovery in industry and agriculture, the configuration of tax policy, and have remained on paper. The genocide of the Ukrainian people, started L.M.Kravchukom lasts and today the president, as in the RF, where destroyed and ruined everything they took out the hand of liberal reformers and thieves. To overcome this gap, which rolls down the Russian people, divided by artificial borders and Zionist division into "us and them", you can only united us all, parts of the majestic Russian people. But people do not Viktor Yanukovych, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, Alexander Lukashenko, and the Russian people, who gave the world of writers, composers, scientists, workers, warriors, chiefs, who not only changed only the people around them, but the whole world.

The need for the integrity of the Great and Little Russians better understand other Russian writers. Gogol wrote to A.O.Smirnovoy wrote:

I will say one word to you as to what my soul: hohlatskaya or Russian, because that's how I see from your letter, at one time served as the subject of your discourse and debate with others. To this I say to you that I do not know what my soul hohlatskaya or Russian. I only know that does not give any advantages to malorossiyaninu Russian or Russian before malorossiyaninom. Both natures very generously gifted by God, and as luck would have any of them apart within itself what is not in the other — an obvious sign that they need to make up for one another. To do this, the best stories from the past life they are unlike one another, so that apart mannered different strength of their morals, that later merged together, to make something perfect in a population.

The stately Russian writer Nikolai Gogol said the most important idea that the Great and Little Russian, converged make something perfect in a population. This is so, for there is no distinction between the Great Russians, Little Russians and Belorossy — one faith, one culture, one tradition, we just have to be together united Russian people. But this particular fear, and our enemies and foes, who are well aware of how much power will then be assembled together stately Russian people. The Lord has given generously to the Russian people the courage, nobility, brain, hard work and the earth, full of wealth, which is not present at the 1st of the people in the world. So what did we do, to be together, that he could join us, forcing forgotten all past grievances and strife? More fundamentally, it is a unity of purpose — creation of the Russian country puzzles which could be first revival of Russian spirituality and ethnicity, strengthening public institution workers and scientists, the formation of genuine democracy through the All People's Council, the highest state authority. A people's ownership of industrial and agricultural enterprises, means of production, mineral resources and land, money and banking institutions. But all this is only one unresolved issue — the state, separatist, who grew and developed more than 100 years. What to do with it, how to resolve this rather sensitive issue, which only hinders our genuine union? The answer is simple and concise — move the capital of Russia from Moscow to Kiev!

History of the likely transfer of the capital began in 1744, when the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna examined Kiev for the forming of the future capital, and meant not counting the Mariinsky Palace to build another Senate and Synod. In 1787, Empress Catherine has considered the idea of transferring the capital to Kiev, and then implement this project never got. In the XIX century governor Sir Nicholas I with a lively enthusiasm considering the possibility of transferring the capital to Kiev and Nicholas II bluntly stated in 1916, the need for the creation of the capital Kiev to curb the activities of mercenaries nationalist Austrian and German intelligence services.

In 1860, the Russian writer Aksakov wrote:

The outermost growth of, most of its power is not as creepy Europe, how many people waking up to the Russian national consciousness: the power of the Russian Federation did not at one point was used in Western Europe for the benefit of themselves, not one time it served the interests of the lands to the detriment of the interests of the Russian . Total stronger Europe is afraid of our inner healing, wholeness of our spiritual body. Total undesirable to her, that we were, after all, themselves. The manifestation of original Russian spiritual creative force, the views of Europe, the more dangerous for its spiritual and political rule than the millions of armed Russian army.

That's why we have to make the emphasis on the unity of the Russian people, his spiritual rebirth, which is so afraid of global backstage, knowing that defeat the combined Russian people it is impossible. In 1862, an unknown creator of "Russian Journal" asked a very important question: "Will there be when the error made by Peter I? Will the government when the focus shifted from the imperialist activities of wetlands in the country over the tenderloin, in Kiev? '. PBStruve wrote:

Economic affairs of the Russian Federation insistently demand to move the capital to the south. Only the southern Russian city of Kiev as for its historical and political judgment may be the capital of the Russian country.

Lumped the entire state power in Kiev, Moscow, leaving behind only a coordinating central issues of the Russian Federation, Yekaterinburg — Urals, Novosibirsk — Siberia and Vladivostok — Far East region, will allow a lot more to make management Russia, eliminates a source of nationalist "independence" and voedinyzhdy connect the disparate parts of the Russian people. Genuine democracy is unrealistic when the unresolved national issues when there is a contradiction between the diff
erent regions and nations, in the unlikely event these conflicts of interest will be poured out in a sterile debate to a popular cathedral, blocking a solution to the pressing municipal issues. That's why you need to migrate all the aggressiveness of the Central government in Kiev, together with the Municipal Council, the Central Bank and the Cabinet. Such a step would not only give an impetus to the revival of the southern regions, but put to rest once and for all parts of subversive activities, right behind Trotsky dreams of separation and destruction of the Russian people and the Russian Federation, turning majestically Powers into a confederation of sovereign states and regions. Damage just hard to build!

We, the Russian people are no strangers to overcome any obstacles in its path, that's why we have to be together — Great Russians, Little Russians and Belorossy. In unity is our strength, our spiritual power that the gates of hell shall not prevail. Because we all need to strive not to alienate, recalling an old resentment and divide the n people into "us and them", and to a genuine unity and prosperity, for the good of the Russian people and Russia.

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