Kiev wants to put pressure on the gas

Almost lost the chance of getting yourself gas on applicable prices, the Ukrainian authorities now try to conclude a contract with the official Moscow on how to make our home made a transit of gas from Turkmenistan. Ukrainian bureaucrats now believe that our homeland has the obligation to make a member of the CIS relating to the establishment of trade relations between the countries of the Commonwealth partners. Such statements from the lips of Ukrainian politicians look pretty amazing, especially when you take into account the fact that Ukraine itself until now walks around and around the ratification of the Charter of the CIS, as, in general, and Turkmenistan, whose gas Kiev is going to take, transporting through the Ukrainian gas transportation network.

Premier Ukraine Sovereign Azarov says that Kiev is interested in supplying more than himself cheapest kind of Turkmen gas. With all this, he stressed that to start such supplies must be negotiated with Russia.

Our homeland, in turn, offers Ukraine much more of the ordinary scheme, which will allow the conditions and the transit of Turkmen gas pricing in terms of Russian gas. The scheme is really ordinary, as the official Kiev should all just take a decision on joining the Customs alliance. Now TC includes three countries that represent the CIS space. These states, except Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are. Russian specialists have already sent to Kiev document which indicates the prospect of entering Ukraine the customs alliance. After joining for 4 countries will be in one of the economic field, which promises harsh economic preferences for each of the states. First, that it may as a positive gain from joining the CU Ukraine — lowering prices for ordinary consumers of gas. Now, if you believe in free classified ads in Ukraine, the value of the property with gas central heating has decreased by 10-15% over the last year. The reason — the growing rates gas, are forced to pay out of his own pocket tangible amount of ordinary inhabitants of the brotherly country.

If Kiev will make out a proposal emanating from Moscow, it is possible to state that will benefit from this in the literal sense of it. But there is a special layer of people who are obviously against the entry of Ukraine into the Customs alliance. We are talking about nationalists who are struggling to place the barriers between our peoples.

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