Kim Jong Irene was awarded the title of generalissimo North Korea — posthumously

As reported by the agency, "KCNA," Kim Jong Irina was posthumously awarded title Generalissimo DPRK.

Decree conferring the title signed by representatives of the Central Committee and the CMC Korean Workers' Party, the State Committee of Defense and the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly DPRK was made public yesterday, the 14th of February.

ITAR-TASS, the decree states that Kim Jong-il has taken steps to strengthen the Korean People's Army made Generalissimo Kim Il Sung. Kim Jong-il "adequately ensured the defense of the socialist countries, and made immortal contribution to the strengthening of world peace and stability."

According to the text of the Decree, Kim Jong Il, North Korea has transformed into a strong military power. In addition, he won the confrontation between the United States and imperialism. Meanwhile, Kim Jong-il "demonstrated the immortal reward to the state and the revolution."

In December 2011, after the death of Kim Jong Irina Democratic People's Republic led by Kim Jong Un — youngest son of the deceased's favorite DPRK and the new Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army.

Tomorrow, the 16th of February, DPRK will mark the seventieth anniversary of Kim Jong Irina — "Day gaping stars."

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