Kim Jong-un: a head to a brighter future

Over the past few months in North Korea came out, perhaps, more events than in its entire history since coming to power of President Kim Il Sung. But even amidst this change either, speak out so that the application for a change the last few days look very colorful.

So, last week the world's news agencies said that the favorite of North Korea's Kim Jong-un has decided to hold a series of economic reforms in the country. He is concerned that in the past 2-decades people DPRK Most live in their own little hand to mouth, that we have to ask for help in the form of goods from the United States, China and even … Zimbabwe.

But it seems that in an effort to provide people with control of their own country simple food is not unusual. What changes are still here? Though what self-respecting president, general secretary, the chairman of the monarch or now, by definition, must petition for the welfare of civilization. But the fact is that Kim Jong-un to address urgent problem, apparently, decided to go by, which, to put it mildly, not entirely correspond to the ideas of his peremptory Kims predecessor — his father and grandfather. Kim, Jr., guided by whether their ideas or get some outside impetus, has decided that the military does not controlled in order to maintain high quality control of economic policy in the country. And if the task is not controlled by military means, pass the opportunity to address it in some other organ. But the whole problem of what such authority in North Korea to this day was not well and could not be, by definition, since any task, whether it's the economy, of an external or internal policy, tried to be solved only by high-ranking military, a long time favorite of which was considered such a man as Lee Yong Ho — Head of the General Staff of the North Korean army.

Specifically, Lee Young Ho was actually his right hand, Kim Jong Irina and even numerous official personnel was always close to the Sun Civilization, which at the end of last year had gone down. In place of an old Sun Sun has come in the person of the new Kim Jong-un, and there is the view that specifically Vice-Marshal Lee made very nearly everything in order so that people and army took control of the young country like the real, to the marrow of its own, a favorite of civilization — so to speak, the young father.
But the vice-marshal and the first hit by his own boundless benefactors. "God Son" in the face of Kim Jr. ruled that the septuagenarian Li Yong Ho has by virtue of their age, "sick" and leave all of their highest positions, and giving the right to dispose of economic instruments a civilian authority. Would "sick" Vice-Marshal himself, it is not clear, but as the saying goes, plagued by vague doubts about his sudden illness that does not allow him to continue to "steer" the state in the shadow of a great figure, Kim Jong-un.

Indirectly confirms the lack of independence resignation of Lee Young Ho and South Korean media reports that say that before "set aside" the vice-marshal, a forceful knock on his door in the form of people. But after all that time and he was still in the Lee form, and in addition it also guarded the office people not from any Chop, and most of that on there is a constant of the North Korean army. In the end, as once again report to the South Korean news agency, real firefight ensued between those who forcefully knocked on the door and those that door guarded from intruders. As a result, the shooting deaths, the very small, 20 people, among which the most fundamental, and he could turn out to be fellow Vice Marshal Ri Yong Ho.

It would be possible to use your loaf, which is less than the machinations of South Korean capitalist sharks, which are asleep, and behold the instability of the terrain of the northern own socialist neighbor, but in the same day information appeared in the media have specifically North Korea that Lee Young Ho due to the heavy disease did not perform their previous duties and gone, of course, of their own volition to resign. It would seem that there is nothing sensational. But no! To this day ever in North Korea of such shifts in the top of the military on television to declare it was not accepted, and the people here seem to be specially made to realize that now is the head of the General Staff will face a completely different person. Well, the heavy ornate reported Ri Yong Ho disease can subsequently use what is called, in its sole discretion. If he really attacked the office in day dismissal, he could quite right "sick" from a gunshot wound, and yet, after such and can die … Well, a few days North Korean TV shows new face of North Korea's army Chief of Staff Hong Yong Chhelya, but the ex-chief since that time, he left his post, so never also did not show the North Koreans. But could, at least in the homage of the Who Jong Un, whom he (Lee Young Ho) not so long ago, intensive support.

But the rub is that the young Sun North Korean civilization could simply behold in the vice-marshal own head competitor which at any moment could set up the Korean people against a new chapter, because he departs from the thoughts of Juche. But Kim Jong-un for the near future, even in the opinion of a foreign observer, pursued a policy that was somewhat good from what is tried to build his father and grandfather. Even the announcement that North Korea is living from hand to mouth can be considered unimaginable a statement, and the idea of the transfer of management of the economy from the hands of the military in the hands of a new reformist body inside the Labour Party in general can be considered revolutionary for North Korea.

Kim Jong Un allowed foreign journalists to the launch pad before the launch of a rocket that was supposed to launch a satellite (but have not withdrawn). Kim Jong Un violently reacted (positively responded) to represent in Pyongyang, where the action unfolds on the stage based on the stories of Disney. Not a lot of that in the near future, Kim Jr. was go out with a lady! And it did not allow himself to any of Kim Il Sung or Kim Jong Il.

But there is another fact that simply outshines all the past: in the days of virtually Foreign Ministry said North Korea's ability to complete the revision of the nuclear programs from the country. In this respect, most likely, can not wait for the revision or reduction (though DPRK Such is not secured potential to it to the same cut), or complete abandonment of the nuclear program …

Maybe the person which, so to speak, interceded Un, Ri Yong Ho, began to change attitude to their own "protege." And if the world has changed, or could, or hint of it yourself Kim, Jr., and was clearly express that "we're going the wrong way" in the camp of soldiers. Well, it could have triggered sanctions by Kim Jong-un in respect of their own once the head ally.

In the end, after a couple of days after the reshuffle top management of the army, Kim Jong Un became marshal, which violently applauded the civilians and military personnel. And this can only mean that Eun ready to perform once made a speech that he was ready to "throw in the sea" of all the enemies of DPRK. So with Kim Jr. inside North Korea jokes, apparently, bad …

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