Kim Jong Un — brand new riddle of North Korea

Kim Jong-un, for sure, is the mysterious "dark horse" in the contemporary international political arena. Most recently, came into the country as head of North Korea, he managed to make a public speech, and proceed to the first open and veiled repression of the political elite.

One of the initial manifestations of the terrible killings became the order to shoot a mortar 1st of the generals, seen in a state of intoxication at the time of official mourning for the pope a new manager Kim Jong Irina. The order was given to young North Korean favorite almost immediately after the detection of misconduct. The apparent Myagenko, favorite claimed to kill the offending officer in this way, so that from it have not even left the remains for the next burial.

Clearly the younger offspring of the former brand manager DPRK little. Country is a more closed in terms of information the government because even the brightest and meaningful action in her life publish on time can be very difficult. But try to make a much-or a clear description of the main political figures in North Korea, and also to study the properties given by him to modern professionals.

Born Kim Jong-un is not exactly known. North Korea has not taken to publish biographies of political figures, and the most important figures in general spend their life the criteria of secrecy. In most cases, the information is transferred to the general use of the intelligence services of other countries, especially South Korea. The press referred to January 8, 1982, 1983 and even 1984's. Approximately favorite newcomer should be about 30 years old. His mother, a Japanese dancer krosotka Ko Young-hee, was the third wife of Kim Jong Irina, although some sources call it the winner, not the head of the wife of the country. In 2004, Ko Young Hee died. According to one source cause of death was a car accident, according to other oncology breast cancer. Father Kim Jong-un is characterized by particularly loving and had a lot of alliances with various ladies, that explains his many children.

Life the youngest head of the country is covered lurking, with 20 years of its details were kept secret because to judge his character and lifestyle can only be according to public appearances, interviews and documents, and according to press reports, which are allowed to be published abroad.

Back in 1999, the son of Korean dictator ended up an international school in Berne, Switzerland, and left, where for a long time remained under the guise of a descendant of the famous Korean diplomat. For the most part engaged in Kim Jong-un at home. If you believe Western sources, it came to power in the DPRK people had difficulty obtaining euros education. In-1's, he was given a bad German language, with the result that the boy was transferred to the class with the students his age by two years. In-2, it is often not attended classes for unknown reasons. B-3, at one point, Kim Jong Un just failed the exam in science. After received very low marks in such disciplines as cultural studies, mathematics, and social studies. Yet, in the Korean press is in a particularly mental abilities of younger son, Kim Jong Irina that, allegedly, and was the basis of his accession to the place of his father. It is characteristic of such a grain of salt, as in North Korea, a policy of aggrandizement manager.

In some notes also focuses on the physical health of offspring fierce dictator. During his stay in Europe today the North Korean favorite fond of basketball, while staring matches for American teams. In addition, in the midst of his beloved actors often referred to as Jean Claude Van Damme. In some sources describes the presence of Kim Jong-un's disease such as diabetes. Anyway, weight gain in today's favorite precisely is, there are guesses about what he refers to high blood pressure. On the lifestyle manager did not understand much. In the South Korean media printing, you can meet him at the address accusations of involvement in the so-called "pleasure parties", still practiced by Pope Than Kim Il. The assertion seems plausible, because most of the kids who died on the favorite, as he was, was not seen again in the entertainment with strange reputation. According to some reports there is Kim Jong Un and the heir, born in 2010. At birth the baby insisted his mighty father, advocated the continuation of the dynasty. In general, about the personal life of North Korean brain actually understand anything.

But even that small nascent hopes among foreign politicians about some liberalization of the country, also removed a number of restrictions and prohibitions of political and economic nature. Much of the speculation is based on the fact that the new favorite long stay in Europe and undergo training in accordance with the Best Western programm. Despite the optimistic eyes so should still take into account not only the eastern mentality, and tense affairs with the U.S., and as a result, long-term isolation of North Korea from the capitalist world. The development of this country is on a completely different way, because the usual expectations for Europeans making of his favorites maloobosnovanny.

If during the period of his stay in Europe, the heir to let occasionally, but arose publicly accompanied by Ri Chol, who served as ambassador to Switzerland, after his return to North Korea for a long time it was possible to find only his sketch. There is evidence that in this period of his life a new favorite DPRK was trained at the institute named after his father. What actions have taken place in his life in this mysterious time, and how they affected his political beliefs, is unclear.

Public life began rather not so long ago. Since 2006, there is information on the issuance of workers Labour Party special icons with the image of the younger sibling current favorite. In addition, the mother Ko Yong-hee, during the life of the offspring is not sought to call upon the other as "the king of the morning star," hoping the designated title exalt him. The prerequisites for the rise of the young politician was also action on the holiday honoring him her that.

Purpose of Kim Jong-un for the post of manager of the country was a sudden not only for the U.S. and Europe, and closely spaced states, including for South Korea. During the life of his father's claim to succeed not only the children, and other relatives. The candidacy of a younger sibling were not considered because of its age

The emergence of the little-known in the international arena and, as it should, the unpredictable leader urges closer look at each decision and event with his role. First orders in Pyongyang have already been given, but they are concerned the political situation and absolutely in line with previously selected band. But, according to the views of Andrew Lankova, which Dr. Kongming Institute, a new North Korean favorite deliberately copies the behavior is not the father, and grandfather — the founder of the dynasty, Kim Il Sung. This intonation and tone of voice and even a suit, not a modern fashion in the respective country. Most likely, the young Korean will hold a policy specifically his grandfather. In fact, this was said in the first public speech, Kim Jong-un. The doctor also notes that public speaking opportunity at a new control DPRK available than it once again resembles the famous and highly respected in this country, Kim Il Sung.

Despite the young age of its own comparable, the son of Kim Jong Irina is already fully accomplished and experienced politician.
Russian press in 2009 reported on the fact that the younger son was named the official receiver acting head of the DPRK. In reality, this is how he began in 2007, as evidenced by reports of North Korean radio. Have experience with Kim Jong-un, and in state security. The father gave his own offspring beautiful opportunity to explore the internal structure of the country because of the expected new favorite imprudent and windy making is not necessary. This is a man with traditional gaze, having a clear concept about the direction of their own country.

It is necessary to see that Kim Jong Un successfully uses the accumulated frustration of the people during the reign of his father and grandfather authority, which is similar to the outside. Despite the fact that Kim Jong Il died and was more capable and far-sighted own ancestor, the population compares the years of his tenure with twenty chaos and mess. The Board is also the founder of the dynasty of the modern North Koreans a period of stability.

In relations with the military elite, there is a process of systematic removal of unwanted power and purpose to the important posts of party workers on the strip, with the majority of them belong to the civilian parties. Says the doctor, and the hopes for the development of the country's public, or its initial assumptions. All expressions such as professional Lankov accompanied by a slip of the alleged disposition statements and projections, because after such non-long period of time to make concrete conclusions can not yet be.

As to the conduct in foreign policy DPRK fluctuations left after the next test missile launch. Despite the fact that the tests were unsuccessful, the government announced its own people about the dangers of nuclear weapons, a long time to come from opponents (there was an apparent reference to the U.S.), more than North Korea is not adhered to. In the field of military control is also observed zeal to tighten. Thus, the small increase was reduced to 142 recruit's see Army as before remains large for such a small country. Only forces acting on his own outnumber one million people, and to reduce the army of the new head of the DPRK does not want.

At the same time, Kim Jong-un called for in his speech to express new ideas for economic reform of the country, including the capitalist character. So Makar, the situation in North Korea can not yet be estimated quite accurately, therefore deserving of special attention and study.

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