Kim Jong Un: the question of the reunification of Korea is urgent

First secretary of the Workers' Party Korea, The first chairman of the Municipal Committee of Defence and Supreme Commander DPRK Kim Jong-eun believes that the difficult task of reunification Korea, and the resolution of this issue brooks no delay. This is stated in a hosted today the latest theoretical work of Kim Jong-un, under the title "Let's practice is feasible patriotic ideas of Kim Jong Irina and continue building a prosperous country."

In this work, Kim Jong Un urged all Koreans living in the North, the South or overseas, intensely involved in a just struggle for the unification of civilization.

Regarding the internal situation in DPRK the head of state said that people need to pay close attention to the study of military affairs and to show their own patriotism in a holy war for national defense in case of provocation by the enemy.

Favorite DPRK also identified the importance of strengthening educational work on condition that the idea of Kim Jong Irina about patriotism firmly entrenched in the minds of people. "Only when the hot wind of patriotic thoughts Kim Jong Irina spread across the country, and the Korean people will begin to implement them in DPRK will be created a thriving socialist government"- Noted in the work, according to ITAR-TASS.

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