Kim Philby. Cost of disorders of Communism

Last Spouse English Russian KGB agent Kim Philby knows that he was a real English "gentleman" and fled to Russian Alliance, hoping to behold the embodiment of communist standards of justice.

Rufina Pukhov nedavneshnem in an interview told of lived in Moscow last years of Kim Philby, where he fled in 1963.

Those who know the realities of life in the Russian Union, it is easy to guess that filled idealized notions about communism, educated at Cambridge almost aristocratic Englishman in advance is destined to be disappointed by what he saw with his own eyes.

Although his life in Moscow by Russian standards, was one hundred percent secure and in comparison with the overwhelming majority of people — privileged, Kim Philby could not create the sad realities.

"Why are older people here live in such poverty? After all, it is they defeated in the war" — quoted Kim Philby, Rufina Pukhov, who knows well that in some time poured into his depression and alcoholism, he noticed that it's become an alcoholic death "an easy method to commit suicide."

"I came here a crowded information. I wanted to give everything, but it does not motivate anyone" — recounts his words Mrs. Pukhov, who could not take the name of a spouse, for he lived to the end of a concoctions names, and occasionally accompanied by a guard, even when he left to the store.

But he lived quietly own age, and with him came to nothing in common poisoning in London of Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGBista.

Granddaughter Kim — Charlotte Philby — once wrote, "He made a choice which led to the pain and suffering of many … I should like to think that he did it, wanting the best things to come. It is appropriate or not appropriate — I'll never know, but I know that he was involved in the death of a huge number of people who considered him a friend and co-worker, and that I would never try to justify. "

Kim Philby, the British counter-intelligence work of the Governing MI6 and the representative of the British intelligence services for the CIA in the 40's and 50's passed the Stalinist NKVD information about Western spies.

Representatives of the Ukrainian post-war immigration in Britain specifically for Philby lozhut responsibility for the fact that many Ukrainian "jumpers" who threw in the Western Ukraine Western intelligence agencies early 50's, fell into the hands of Stalin's NKVD.

The English have a saying that on the other side of the fence, "the grass always seems greener."

Kim Philby, perhaps would have done in my life differently if I had the opportunity to see firsthand at first was how in fact been life under the authority of the Russian communists.

But in Moscow, make the view that no problems or vibrations in Philby was not. In December of last year in his honor installed a memorial bas-relief on the building, which is placed in one of the heirs of the NKVD-KGB — external intelligence service of Russia.

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