Kim Philby — the genius intelligence

"Information that means their own intelligence operations mined Russian secret services during the second world war, greatly helped the war effort and the Soviet Union itself was a kind of information that are the subject of desire for exploration at least some other country."

"The Art of Intelligence" Allen Welsh Dulles

In the middle zone of the last century, in the UK, an illegal outstanding scout Arnold was created by Deutsch so called "Cambridge Five", the agent group, which included Anthony Blunt, Guy Burgess, John Cairncross, Donald McLean and Kim Philby. Specifically, Philby was the undisputed favorite of the group and played a major role in its work.

Arnold Deutsch

Harold Adrian Russell Philby was born on January 1, 1912. His father, John Philby hereditary aristocrat, was a high-ranking bureaucrat in the administration of the British colony. From an early age Kim's father instilled in him a craving for knowledge.

At 6 years old boy was sent to the UK to my grandmother, under the supervision of which he continued to receive an education, read a lot, became interested in the study of maps, then escalated into a craving for travel.

In 1929 he graduated with distinction prestigious Westminster School, Philby enrolled in a prestigious institute of Cambridge Institute. During these years, he joined a group of progressive-minded young people, intensive campaigns against fascism.

In 1931, after the defeat of the Labour Party in the parliamentary elections. Philby assuming that all of the parties, only the Communists could seriously hinder the nascent Nazism, made friends with the British Communist Party.

After graduation in the summer of 1933 Philby went on the instructions of the Communist Party in Austria, allegedly to study the German language. In Austria, he took part in an armed uprising, and became engaged to the Austrian Communist, with whom, and returned back to the UK, the marriage was a sham, and on arrival they immediately dispersed.

Soon the eyes of progressive young nobleman lured to the attention of Arnold Deutsch. And since 1934, breaking all ties with the Communist Party, Philby began its cooperation with Russian intelligence. On the advice of Kim Deitch also attracts to its friends in the university of Guy Burgess and Donald MacLane.

On the instructions of Deutsch, Philby settles the well-known journalist in the London "Times". Working in the newspaper, he joined the Association of Anglo-German friendship. Soon he became editor of the magazine of the Association of British pronatsistkogo financiers, which allows him to get close to the German Ambassador Ribbentrop, the future head of the MFA Third Reich.

During the Spanish Civil War civilian Philby worked as a war correspondent, under General Franco, the favorite of the rebels. At this time, he force-fed the Moscow necessary information about the plans of the rebels, the movement of their arms and troops, and the setting in general. His publications in the press on the Spanish rebellion he lures to attract attention to British intelligence and becomes her confidant.

General Franco

Since 1940, Philby was officially begins work on the intelligence service of the United Kingdom — Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). In 1941, thanks to his outstanding capabilities, he was already working as the deputy chief of B, it is conducting counter-intelligence support for all military operations allies of the USSR. Since 1944, Philby gets another increase, it is assigned to manage the 9th Division SIS involved in research "Soviet and Communist activities" in the English countryside.

During the second world war, he force-fed the most valuable information to Moscow. Thanks obtained from Philby disk imaging, Center learned about fit for the Allies to the Soviet Union, the armed forces of Germany and pelted the Soviet spies area. So for example, due to the transmitted data Philby, Moscow was clear about the plans of the fascist command of operations in the Kursk area and the willingness of Germans to use new types of guns on the Eastern Front. Also, thanks to him, our OUTDOOR exploration All samples revealed the Germans keep separate negotiations with the Allies on the world (1942 — Ankara, 1943 — Stockholm, and the Vatican, and in the end, 1944-1945 — Switzerland).

After the war, Philby works ICU resident in Istanbul. C 1949 to 1951 year Philby was working in close contact with the management of the CIA and the FBI to coordinate actions of British and American intelligence services in the fight against the "communist threat." During this period, Moscow is aware of all the actions of the American and British intelligence against the Soviet Union and its allies in the Eastern bloc.

In 1951, Philby was able to save his own comrades in the "Cambridge Five" Burgess MacLane from arrest, fit to warn them that their work for Soviet intelligence disclosed. In this regard, he fell under suspicion, and in 1952 he was recalled to London, and interrogated with prejudice at the headquarters of MI5. Thanks to our own self-control and willpower he did what is not admitted, was able to deflect any suspicion and was released for the shortcoming of evidence.

In 1955, he had all the same to resign. But he was able to achieve full public rehabilitation and already v1956, he as a reporter for newspapers recognizable, on the instructions of British intelligence has been focused in Beirut. As for the next seven years he worked in the Lebanese capital, supplying Russian intelligence it is interesting information about the plans of the U.S. and Britain in the region.

In 1963, Philby was looming over the severe threat of failure and he was illegally taken to Russian Alliance, in Moscow.

In Moscow, Philby continued to work consultant for Western intelligence agencies. There he met his future wife Rufino Pooh, employee of the 1st of academic institutions with which he lived happily until the end of his life.

Kim Philby died May 11, 1988. Novokuntsevskoe Cemetery in Moscow has become the last refuge of the excellent spy.

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