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In the dialogue "Timaeus", written in the V century BC BC the Greek philosopher Plato, named Critias tells her amazing story supposedly told Solon — Athenian statesman who lived two centuries before Plato, Egyptian priests of the city of Sais

"There was an island which lay before the straits, which you call the Pillars of Heracles he called Atlantis and was more of Libya and Asia combined

Kings of the Union of the island extended to many other islands and on the mainland part of the opposite, and in the strait — up to Egypt and Tyre * rhenium (Italy) But when 9000 years ago happened unprecedented earthquake and floods, Atlantis disappeared in one awful day, plunged into the abyss "

In another dialogue — "Critias" — Plato describes in detail the Atlantis

"The land of Atlantis was generous, hit the island splendor and abundance vodilos Even elephants on it using a great variety of gifts of the earth, kings ustroilisvya-tilischa palaces, harbors and shipyards, and put in order the country they bridged the water ring surrounding the ancient metropolis There were plenty kings encouraged the development of all kinds of crafts, science and culture, which reached an unprecedented peak on the island

Laws were established in Atlantis under the provisions of the god Poseidon and the first kings inscribed on a marble stele which stood at the heart of the island, inside the Temple of Poseidon "

The followers of Plato, including the greatest scientist of encyclopedic knowledge of antiquity Aristotle, for centuries, discussing the accuracy of the information set forth by Plato and the probability of the existence of Atlantis With the onset of the Middle Ages mention of this island and its inhabitants Atlantis disappear And only with the discovery of America by Columbus in 1492, once again became the subject of Atlantis disputes of philosophers, historians, geographers

In 1535 in Seville, the book Gonzalo Fernandez deOvedo-and-Valdez, dedicated to the "Indies" The author compares the power and the high culture of the peoples of Columbus' discovery of "India", with the words of Plato that the power of the kings of Atlantis extended to " opposite continent "He comes to the assumption that" India "- this is Plato's Atlantis Soon such statements have appeared in the works of other Spaniards, as well as in the works, published in English and French

Over the next three centuries, scientists from many countries, adjusting the results of the latest archaeological discoveries and geographic fit their hypotheses, tried to open the Atlantis in the different parts of the world — not only in the Atlantic (in particular, in the Sargasso Sea), but also in the Mediterranean, Scandinavia, Africa and Eu mouth Obi1 early XX century German explorer Leo Frobenius found in Nigeria, in the lands of the African people Yoru ba, terracotta sculptures and bronze head sea god Olokun, executed with stunning realism and skill Later it was discovered the ruins of the ancient city of Ife cyclopean buildings Stone walls are covered with tile panels and copper plates Frobenius suggested that Olokun — is Poseidon ayoruba wearing dark blue clothes, the descendant of Atlantis, vestments, which (according to Plato) were mostly of the same color

V1964, the publishing house "Thought" published monograph NF Zhirova "Atlantis" The author expresses the belief that the most important kingdom of Atlantis existed on the site of today Azores archipelago

In the late 60's magazine "Courier", the organ of UNESCO, wrote about the mysterious plants found in shallow water near the islands of Bimini and Andros Bahamas is one of them — the similarity of the ancient bridge, photographed under water, according to All-Union Television show "travel club" However, so far no one has managed to prove that it is — the creation of human hands, and, moreover, that these hands were the hands of Atlanta in March 1979, the Western news agencies spread sensational news in studies Seamount Ampere Soviet oceanographers from the research vessel "Vityaz "Found Atlantida1 In particular, the agency" Reuters "aired from Lisbon" Soviet scientists recently received photos that may confirm the existence between Portugal & Madeira lost continent of Atlantis, a prominent Soviet oceanographer Dr. Andrey Aksenov said that the photographs show the ruins of the seamount walls and a grand staircase "

However, it later turned out that the photos were taken much earlier, and not with the "Knight", and with the vessel "Moscow University" and that Aksenov only mentioned two pictures imprinted on balances of artificial structures, of course, the pictures did not give reason to assume that these structures belong to the legendary Atlantis

And now the latest sensation

The magazine Weekly World News for April 24, 2001 reported that almost 30 years ago, July 25, 1973, a U.S. submarine Atlantis found off Spain author — researcher Jeremy Horvik, prepare to print the book "Mission — Atlantis know what sailors a lost continent "

According Horvika, referring to the recently declassified documents and interviews with former sailors, "ruins lie at a depth of about 1600 meters and occupy a large area of about 50 square kilometers"

Then the submarine commander informed his superiors about a sensational discovery, I immediately received an order to consider it a top secret orders came from the Richard M. Nixon, President of the United States

"Advisors Nixon, including Henry Kissinger — continues Horvik — knew about the legend of Atlantis reached a high technical level, and they knew that during World War II in search of Atlantis, sent their submarines Hitler, hoping to discover and apply technology achieve Atlantis for weapons that would allow Germany to conquer the world

Nixon believed that the use of "gadgets" Atlantis could provide American victory in the Cold War against the Soviet Union, so he decided to try to get them to a Russian could not get ahead of the Americans, and Nixon ordered classify everything that was associated with the discovery of the sunken island

Since then, the U.S. Navy organized four expeditions kAtlantide on submarines, equipped with the latest search engine technology The last one took place in 1997 Horvik claims that the expedition returned not only with samples of items of ancient culture, but also with products supporting the highest level of technical and scientific made civilization of Atlantis

"Apparently engineering and technology based on the principles of the Atlanteans, and still remains far ahead of the progress of modern Western science — says Horvik — I do not doubt that these new items to our military equipment, as stealth aircraft, built on the Stealth technology, and as anti-missile system, currently under development in the U.S. and strongly promoted by President Bush, are created using knowledge poluchennyhv result of the study findings raised from the ocean floor near the Spanish coast "


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