Krymsk residents say that the water was coming at a furious pace

Residents of Krymsk Krasnodar region, which has been hardest hit because of zarazrushitelnogo floods, said that water came when they were asleep, and in a matter of minutes flooded homes. Siren has worked in 4.30, but it was hard to hear.

Eyewitnesses say that before the flood, which began on the night of July 7, about the middle of the day was rain.

"The water comes at a breakneck pace. My relatives, who live in a private house, managed to take only the documents, even money is not captured," — told RIA Novosti elderly resident Krymsk Maria.

According to her, her sister and her husband, a veteran of the war had to be filled with water to escape from the roof of a private house.

Boat could not reach them, then they are removed from the top of some guys. In-law, who 86 years old, is now in intensive care in a city hospital, my sister lives with me, "- she said.

Home of her family, built in 1927, was badly damaged.

Another resident Krymsk Boris Khvostikov convinced that such a number of victims could have been avoided if the warning system worked qualitatively population.

According to him, the siren worked in 0430, but to hear it in my sleep was not easy.

"One of the reasons for such a catastrophe — is the lack of public notification. Earlier in the houses hanging speakers, radios. Now they are not, and the civil protection system and alarm did not work," — said the source.

As the man says, the city saw a wave several meters high.

Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier instructed the Investigation Committee to see how the night worked alert flooding and act as officials responsible for it.

Flooding that occurred, according to official figures, due to torrential rains flooded the three cities (Gelendzhik, Crimea, Novorossiysk) and four villages (Divnomorskoe, Nizhnebakanski, Neberdzhaevskaya and Kabardian), which were flooded over 5000 homes, which are home to 26 475 thousand people. Breached the electrical, gas and water supply, road and rail traffic.

According to the latest data of the operational headquarters of the Interior Ministry, the victims of raging elements were 144 people. Sought medical treatment 320 people (including 48 children) were hospitalized 104. For information about the missing agencies do not lead. MOE reports 71 12 thousands injured.

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