Kurguzovskie mazes near Tula move people through time


Correspondents "Sloboda" went Novomoskovsk geomagnetic zone to make sure that there is indeed taking place all sorts of unexplained phenomena.

The village is famous for its ravines — "kurguzovskimi maze" in which
You can stray for several hours. Local resident Vladimir:
"In our forests, people often get lost …".

Why was killed Anna Karenina?

Geoactive terrain — the so-called geomagnetic Novomoskovskaya area — have long been interested amateurs enigmatic and mysterious phenomena. "Tula anomaly" is located between the stations and Homjakova Jasnogorsk in the north area. Interest in this area came about when people began to notice: in this stretch of railway people fall under a train in the most seemingly safe situations.
The answer to the question, what exactly is wrong with the territory, was found only in the mid 80s of last century. It was found in this place goes on subsoil major tectonic fault ring structure. That break through radiation affects the psyche of people.

The impact of geomagnetic fault effect even on the atmosphere: it is here Chernobyl cloud thrown his last radionuclides, but abroad the fault has not passed! There is also a hypothesis that the death of Anna Karenina under the train (a fictitious, but based on a real character's fate) also was caused by the fault — or rather, the underground radiation from it.

People are dying on the stretch so far, and not only under the wheels of trains. On the stretch was killed returning home resident of St. Petersburg: a random bullet flew through the window of the car and broke the windshield and hit the man … right in the heart. Police brushed version of the contract killing — man was not visible from the side of the road because of the glass. So, this again was a tragic accident …



The estate of Mary Hartung, daughter of Alexander Pushkin:
here the birds do not sing, the trees do not grow.

Lost in time

Correspondents "Sloboda" went to town that a few hundred meters from the fault. Feelings are, say, not the most pleasant: it seems that on the head constantly pushing something, does not leave the feeling of anxiety and fear. Maybe so, beating all at home, we did not find a single resident of the village? Withered grass along a country road (around — green!) Trampled in a particular way.

One local resident, we still managed to meet: it was summer resident and part-time caretaker named Vladimir. He first laughed at our question about the geopathic zone, but then thought for a moment …
— For example, last year was such a case, one Muscovite went into the forest, — says Vladimir. — They warned him, but he just waved back, saying that I went to a lot of the forest, and in the Bryansk forests visited, and in the forest, do not get lost.
They say … out of the woods arrogant man came out only in the evening, near the village of Giant. It would seem, from Kurguzovki to Giant's only about 7-8 miles away, but a man wandered for a long time.

— Since the forest he did not go, — said Vladimir.
Members of Kurguzovki say that strange things have happened in their village before. The loudest event occurred about ten years ago, when two residents of the Moscow region went to pick mushrooms in the forest outside the village. Divided literally a couple of minutes, the men lost sight of each other. The first after a while came to the car, who was standing next to the forest belt. Not finding the friend, he went to Kurguzovku for help.
While the man was searching for, it was evening. And a parked car near the forest, strayed out of his comrade. According to "Poteryashka", he wandered half an hour, for which the time to get the odd clearing with withered yellow grass (it's in the middle of summer!). In real life, from the time when he was lost, it took more than ten hours …
Such phenomena — "there was a half-day, and it took only five minutes" — called hronomirazhi: how would a mirage, but over time.
— If you are a local person comes into our forest, it is often lost, — says Vladimir. — There we go … ravines through them, go down to one in the other — and in the maze! They did come back from later than they otherwise would.
By the way, during our stay in Kurguzovke we refused to work normally compass: arrow pointing in the opposite direction, although metals deposits in the area had never happened … Some local — from those that are younger — walking through the woods with the navigators. Although these places and navigators often lie.

"Zone" takes away life?

Not far from the village runs the railway line — this is where the stories of local people constantly killing people.
[Sergei Dubinin] — I do not know, for whatever reason — it's abnormal or violation of safety, but many are killed, — says Sergey Dubinin, an employee of the technical means for updating (KTSM). — Personally, I had seen the two bodies — but they say they had a lot more here. Although there is an open and level section of the web, and how you can not see the train coming — I'll never …

Another inexplicable and strange phenomenon is observed in the spring.
— Right next to the blade, the iron support — how much passion snakes! — Sergey continues. — Right whole tangles. And most importantly, these "pipes" — almost the thickness of a hand!


In a village near Fedyashevo Kurguzovki — his peculiarities: it surpasses the level of crime.
[Valentina Ivanova] — I'm retired for 15 years, here I sit without a break — said a resident Fedyasheva Valentin Ivanov. — Over the past year, about 12 people put in jail for robbery and murder — one youth! Here are our "anomaly" …
Atypically high levels of crime suggests that people really affects some irresistible force. In addition, the Fedyasheve also observed significant violations of speed and the perception of time. Native animals and birds here avoid certain places — namely almost totally destroyed by the estate of Maria Alexandrovna Hartung, daughter of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.
Correspondents "Sloboda" stayed in this place about half an hour. The feeling of these ruins — the most unpleasant thing: a heavy and oppressive, fear and even panic. In Tula, we returned to the bad state of health, feeling of weakness, fatigue and depression.


D. Fedyashevo, fragments of miraculous structures. The construction is very
resembles the mystical Stonehenge (England).


Our information

Abnormal (geomagnetic, geopathic) zone — an area in which are regularly observed phenomena that do not agree with the official science or is not typical for the area. The people of these areas are called cursed or damned.
How to reach the geomagnetic zone
Do you want to experience the "zone" for yourself? To get to the abnormal area can train "Moscow-Tula" (Station Jasnogorsk), then — walk south along the railway line.

By the way

What is anomalous zones in the Tula region?
1. The grace (Polenovo)
2. Novomoskovskaya anomalous zone (Yasnogorsky district)
3. Bald Mountain (Alexinsky district)
4. Faldin and LIVENSKY (Leninsky district)
5. Protasovo (place of observation hronomirazha)
6. settlement Suprutskoe
7. spring Osanovsky

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