Kvachkov — hero or provocateur?

As you can quickly and accurately find who is the real patriot and who is an agent provocateur? This can be done fairly quickly, if we evaluate the case and not merely words, a character study. On business or lack thereof can be realized all right …

Kvachkov — hero or provocateur? Or, let's for our beloved motherland together themselves slay — Free up space invaders …

Colonel Kvachkov, honored officers who are not one war and suffered for the truth. At one time he commanded a brigade of the GRU Spetsnaz, now this man led the struggle of the Russian people against the invaders, as he puts it, with a jew power, entrenched in the Kremlin.

Oh well, he denounces his own performances during the Russian authorities that expect that the meeting will end here either meeting, and there is an old well-deserved colonel arrested representatives of the government, which he had just as boldly and openly scolded. Or a maximum of 15 minutes after the meeting Kvachkov hit by a car — long a patriot destroyed.

But time passes and nothing happens. People are judged for having rollers with an unfortunate caricature posted on the Web, and hang on their labels extremist, but Kvachkova that the power of the Russian names are not on the other as the Jewish mafia, Putin calls a bastard and a traitor, do not touch.

What is it? Do not notice? No, it's hard not to see the Kvachkova — Web is packed with rollers with Colonel-patriot.

Ah yes, the lure Kvachkova on charges of organizing an attack on the head bloodsucker on Anatoly Chubais. Only now it was a strange attempt: TNT block and several auto-badwords queues on the armored car Chubais. Even a glass of armored BMW maintains a direct hit from close range from a Kalashnikov.

Very much a quixotic organization ambush the enemy head of the Russian people. To say the least — an amateurish organization. This recollection that the attack organized or boys who are not even in the army served, or those who just wanted to make a public profile with a full guarantee the safety of the Chubais.

Similarly, we can say that it was not a boy. You know what solves the puzzle first commander of special purpose in organizing an ambush? Rejected group after the job. This is the number one task — how to get away and cover their tracks.

It is hard to expect that amateurs have what did not work even calculate the firepower necessary to defeat the enemy moved in a armored car, were able to cover their tracks so professionally after the attack that the best detectives of the RF-searched and searched and did not find him. And had to lure would-be detectives on the occasion of an old tucked innocent colonel.

Somehow illogical. Of course, it was a pseudo attempt. Moreover, the organizers of the security of the affected Anatoly Chubais obviously gone too far: could even undermine the bomb nearby, or a grenade at the car fire and miss. No. What if the case will enter, and there — Anatoly Borisovich. You can not. Because such a fun attempt came out, but is commoner in it delves …
But if it is a pseudo attempt, then who is the organizer? Who is the customer?

If you do not know who did, to find who profitably. First, that it is possible to imagine — Chubais himself and organized, therefore and took care of their own security. Only here, for which such a PR Chubais? What it lacks? Perhaps he is most famous for? Chubais — the thief, and fame for a thief — a thing superfluous, if not more — harmful.

He is the main spec in Russia on saw cut budget funds, and therefore put it to such positions where you need to steal money and ruin. Excessive mention of his name, causing the curse and the people's anger, Anatoly Borisovich to anything.

For your own posts Chubais tries to be not very social man. And it is the purchasing solution thief chief of the Russian Federation has not added rovnenky nothing.

And that became another person involved in the case, Kvachkov? Oh-oh-oh. This is a fascinating question. Known values and image of the sufferer (three years in the slammer), the image of a fighter for justice. Constructively in the middle of the super-minded youth.

And was punished (guilt-that he did not recognize her, for another 3-years otvertelsya would not), and of moderate colonel known only in narrow circles, turned into a hero, patriot, challenged in court is not someone and the most important enemy of.

After Chubais — a sign of just disgusting what happened to Russia in the last 20 years. The main cause of all his troubles by Boris Yeltsin proclaimed throughout povinet Chubais! Remember that? Kashchei immortal — not on another.

So we now litsezreem?

Chubais timidly goes away, steal money on (here and RUSNANO under it did with the multi-billion dollar fund — Chubais, the little things do not steal), and the arena is a new hero — Kvachkov.

And for good legend and you can sit in the bullpen. I myself had to visit places not so remote, and I know that in the bullpen come in a variety of cameras. There are also comfortably, commercial, for which the inmate pays each day (more precisely they pay for freedom) as the hotel accommodation. And it official. There, as they say, and not a lot of people, not cramped at all, no mold, clean and comfortable, with a TV set and a refrigerator is.

There are camera specific, difficult for prisoners with special criteria. Comfort, there is far less serious and supervision, but few people sit and easier. According to the memoirs of Kvachkova, that for a time he lived in a "hut" with Khodorkovsky, he was sitting in the chamber is not for mere mortals. You can be patient for the sake of the legend.
So neuzh something Kvachkov playing for the same team that Chubais?

Could be. You can not remove — to lead. This is a law that works so-called driving the opposition. And Kvachkov — is the one who was to become very popular in the environment most constructive opposition government. To get to the head of it coming.

On the other, as to clarify that Kvachkov the toughest, most courageous opposition of the favorites to this day and live in freedom? He Russian laws already on indefinite detention for himself uttered. 282-yu, "Russian" article is just for people like him, have invented.

Only here do not put something Kvachkova. Alive and well. Colleague Kvachkova, General Dubrov, even the least popular, than the hero, Colonel, worked together with the preparation of the meeting Kvachkov Marines, scheduled for November 7. For a number of days before the general meeting from the platform collapsed under the passing train. Case, obviously. Apparently, more honest Kvachkova was.

So our hero, Colonel on the same rally did not even mention of the dead generals! Teams probably was not from the owners. The rally was to pass quietly and relaxed. Elsewhere, apparently, bold and convicting power of speech to read. Controlled opposition.

Let us give tribute to old one general: Dubrov — is the man, who created the Russian Anti-Fascist Committee, is conscientious fighter for the truth, the creator of the book "The generals of the Jewish mafia." Books recognized clearly extremist.

And what about Kvachkov? Not a word about the Companions! What is this if not a betrayal?

So, let's Kvachkov — is a protege of the power he so boldly brands. The authorities-it for what?
In 1-x, the colonel does not in itself for themselves. His electorate is. There, gathered at the gate, what's his name, People! People worried and unhappy there. Must also dissatisfied somehow kept under control.

In-2, we, representatives of the Russian people and other indigenous peoples of the Russi
an Federation are not going to destroy the physical level, enter here the NATO troops when the army completely destroyed and the last missile with a nuclear warhead in the Trans-Baikal completely rust. Are not going to destroy us. We already destroyed! At the physical level. And the most active way.

Parasites have tried to erase the Russian people to the ground hands specially grown for this fighting dogs: and sent Hitler and Napoleon. You understand that by Barbarossa half of the Slavs in the occupied territories was supposed to kill the physical layer, and the second half of the work force and sterilized? In other words, all about all Hitler assigned to the Russian people 40-50 years of age. And there is no more Russ. That's it.

Exclusively in schools us about aspects of German plan did not know. Why? So in the light of that of the whole disk imaging 2nd Global War, its goals and objectives look a little different. And when you consider that the entire military industry Hitler was built in record time rather short on funds of American Jewish bankers, the … But that's another story.

The Russian people no one in the world does not need. The area is necessary. Land, minerals, fossils — all necessary, but people do not need. Poorly controlled, in their love of freedom unpredictable, though deeply asleep at the moment, but very scary. Is not needed. The mines those who at the moment is called guest workers in Russia, even better administration. Strip the countryside.

How to do it? Military power? Tried it. Comes out. At a critical moment of the Russian people is awakened deploys an avalanche of military power of the enemy back and crushes Berlin ukrepsooruzheniya that were considered by all the rules of military science completely inaccessible! And there is nothing left from the war machine created against Russia.

What did do?

It is necessary that the Russian people began to kill himself, since no one with him can not cope! And it starts in the people first myagenkaya and unobtrusive, and later increasingly assertive promotion of alcohol, then drugs, then comes the expansion of the moral foundations of society …

"What you're Russian, if 100 grams of vodka do not drink?" — I have heard such a question? A born this provocative question, in which laid claim that the real Russian vodka and indivisible person, only in the middle of the twentieth century. After the Russian war.

Yet the average age at first use of alcohol in the Russian Empire was 4.2 liters per person per year in terms of soilless alcohol. And at the moment is 20 l .. Then, as according to the Global Health Organisation degeneration of civilization starts at 8 p. a year! Here is a tool for you and destruction. More than 2-thousand deaths a day! What is not the Russian war? Death, one way or another related to alcohol, "drunk" heart attacks and strokes, "drunk" tragedy, "drunk" household crimes, etc.

On the whole civilization degenerates! Over the last couple of years in Russia lost 20 thousand villages! That all the inhabitants of the city have left? Someone had left, and some stayed. In the land lay. The village in Russia already drank themselves. And it's not a secret. What Kvachkov: "The power of our jewish, Russian Alliance and disorganized army destroys!" Yes, the power, then we have in the Russian Union of Russian was not entirely …

Take another weapon destruction of entire peoples, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and food on their base. Dr. Irina Ermakova bio sciences Vladimirovna, a recognized worldwide expert on the dilemmas of GMOs, a couple of years back spent the subsequent experience. She laboratory mice were fed GMO soy. The purpose of the experiment was of the ordinary: track the impact of GM foods on the fifth generation of mice.

Three times, and all experiments were conducted three times without success. The second-generation mice, heavy users of GMOs, was not. Only 40% of babies were born alive, though weakened, and most importantly, all the young, as it was found out later, were fruitless! A GMO soybeans for their own tests took Ermakova, incidentally, on the capital's meat-packing plant, where it was added to the soy sausage. After selling GMOs in Russia to this day is not prohibited, despite numerous objections biologists.

Many European countries after the publication of the results of the study were Dr. Ermakova turn away from GM products. And what about us? We have over the last couple of years, imports of GMOs in Russia increased by 100 times! At the moment, 70% of the goods in the shops of genetically modified. It is many kinds of soy, corn, several kinds of potatoes, beets … If the situation does not change, we die, and our army we have here will not help.
Speaking of the army. The largest producer of GMO in the world — American company "Monsanto". During the Vietnam War, it was officially the company is fully Pentagon contractor for the production of bio-weapons, such, for example, as "Agee orange."

At the moment the company is not even considering it necessary to change the title and somehow try to hide his past, produces food products for you and me. Genetically modified foods, which are laid programm sterilization.

And again, where we Kvachkov, a fighter for the revival of the Russian people? And at the meeting said. Again, something about a Jewish authority is responsible. Populist slogans — in people, you see, someday become president.
And about GMO — it is very difficult, there is a global komplotom smell. Here you need to think. And people think without the help of others is prohibited. Wakes up back then, and again as with Hitler out.

In general, there is such a memory, that the Russian people — this is such a man, which got up from the bed, but had not yet awakened. And this man nasty parasite brings a glass of vodka with poison: for, say, have a drink some water.
A bastard provocateur standing on the other side, and that the man woke up quite inadvertently, suspected nothing, so drunk glass of vodka to the bottom, and distracts men on his ear very quickly whispered:
"Look, man Russian! While you slept, the enemy came, look out the window, there he stands at the gate and one of our mug-going to kill! And then we will get to! You drink faster, and go into the yard with the enemy to fight … "
So why the authorities need Kvachkov?

First, to control the constructive mood of the masses of people. Second, to divert people's attention from the main task. A task number one at the moment, can not defeat the enemy, and not allow the enemy to poison themselves vaccines, GMOs, alcohol. Us to battle with the enemy in general need to survive!

And the third. If we are all the same people will wake up when the patience would be crowded, it is necessary that the mass of the people to lead. A favorite here as here, ready. The hero, Colonel. By the war-it from the beginning and called. Good for you.

Only do we need a war? This, of which reads Kvachkov? Who will overcome the war Kvachkov type? Maybe at first you should at least wake up and find out?

The fact that the war for their country — is a just cause, but only to make war with the enemy. But in our country it is, at least, is somewhat unrealistic. Yes, as it paradoxically sounds, but to wage war against the enemy of our country at the moment is unreal! You can wage war only with his. That's because the parasites have built a system.

The state, the whole world is ruled by parasites. Parasites make their abominations proxy: they do not vaccinate, they do not have abortions, they are not the police take bribes, they do not solder people, even bestial laws in the Duma did not they take, their pawns. Kill the pawn — in its sweet spot in parasites hundreds of candidates.
If you want to fight the real parasites,
it is necessary to take into account that while men asleep, between you, a fighter for what is right, and the top of the parasites will always be a buffer of ordinary people who, because of events that were "soldiers" parasites part brutish management system: NATO officials, Caucasians, which bring on the Russian, conscripts internal forces that give criminal orders, police officers, prosecutors, adjudicators and unscrupulous officials.

Because receive special meaning words of Academician N. Levashova that in order to break the parasitic control system, it is necessary that some of the people to "wake up."

It is necessary that these people were able to recognize all the devilish plan for global governance, failed to recognize who we are, where our roots, who were our forefathers. Could not remember how we lived before, they believed what had standards, aspired to and why earlier for the Russian people, for Roos still more important than life and death were the concept of honor and conscience.

"Do not disgrace the glory of the Russian land, but the bones lie down here, for the dead of shame no shame!" — So read Svetoslav his warriors before an important battle. To die is not shameful — shameful move and lose. And there went out to battle, and won. 10 thousand weakened longstanding wars and campaigns against Russian soldiers freshest hundred thousand army elite troops of the Byzantine Empire. The Way We Were!

Chroniclers of the enemy with amazement wrote: Russian brave warriors to the madness, not one soldier in a couple of years of war, was captured. If a Russian soldier left alone surrounded by the enemy, with no hope of escape, he rushes forward on its own sword!

Chroniclers were unaware enemy, that destruction of the enemy's sword — it is a shame for Virus for both fighters and captured — it is a shame for all of his family! Could Russian warrior defame own race! Not so was brought up. Strong we were then? Indescribably strong! Then we were up and at the moment we sleep.

Modern historians are liars say that "Saint Vladimir" who baptized Rus (or rather to Vladimir Blood), then chose the Christian religion as it is more than other religions suited to the Russian people. After all, Christianity does not prohibit alcohol, and the Russian people, according to Vladimir, "finds joy in drinking."

What's all the same, then the hunt to ask would-be historians, modern conservatives, the descendants of those who did not accept Christianity (there were such in Siberia, Altai) are the same, which is currently trying to live according to the precepts of Protz, they honor the Slavic gods of old times : Perun, Svarog … — that they did not consume alcohol? They say: Rhode folly.

They say that before Christianity in drinking was not accepted. There was mead, a low-alcohol drink that is allowed to drink only the peasants. Only four times a year: winter, spring, summer and fall — the most majestic prazdnichkom. Only 50 of 100 gr. And the most important condition: only those peasants who had already "create" a sixteen kids! In another Rhode drink spouse forbade! Forefathers knew that alcohol negatively impact first on the sex cells. That's how Rhode fussed about their offspring. Here are our traditions were. Strong we were then? Indescribably strong!

And at the moment? We sleep at the moment. And those who are ready to wake up, the provocateurs Kvachkova try to lead the side in the struggle with his same with Russ, with those who wake up is not going to. Replaced in order to direct people to the real opposition to the genocide of the Russian people: the rejection of GM products, the failure of vaccination, avoiding alcohol, collecting signatures against the estate tax … Kvachkov, you know that in the coming years with this magical tax plan en masse to withdraw property from the people? Now that's the ultimate slavery will be!

Replaced in order to think, to take an active social position, wake own neighbors, build websites, write articles, shoot videos, overwhelm the power of collective appeals — to do everything possible so that people awakened! Instead of this — go ahead, a fighter on the barricades. For you shoulder straps are not for you to reflect, and in order to do the orders! Go for a bright future! ..

Has already passed. In the seventeenth. And then provocateurs were similar: small and bald. In the first years the Russian government and civilian war in Russia killed 10's of millions of people, such as naive as the current electorate Kvachkova. Who fought for freedom, justice for a bright future? Russia, allowed himself to be duped, with Russian! For the people power with his own people.

Who beat? Of the 20 first 2-commissars (ministers) in Russian of — 3 half-Jews (Dzhugashvilli Stalin, Lenin, Blank, Chicherin), an Armenian (Protian), and others — all purebred Jews Trotsky-Bronstein and co. And it's in mono-ethnic Russian state, where more than 80% of the population by nationality Russian people!

Of all the top managers (people's commissars, ministers, members of the Central Committee of …) in the first decade of Russian power 80% Jewish. In fact, all the others — are married to Jewish women.

So for what you are offering at the moment to make war? For whom? With who? Perhaps you are organizing an attempt on Rothschild? But please, do not it funny how Chubais. Or at Shifa forefathers who financed the revolution in Russia? No?

For what are the difficulties? Even easier to throw a shout: Lupi Jews and save Russia! And on the other side of the barricades, from the mouth of another protégé of parasites hear: Lupi Nazis and fascists!

And pour the Russian blood. Whose else? Neuzh then the same with his own blood parasites pay for shifting the power of one's own hand to the other? Several of his co-religionists, naturally, they will sacrifice: some of the lawyers or pharmacists biblical nationality suffer. But there are those who call the tune. And those who ordered music by stripping them suitable RF ground with our own hands.

You need to wake up. Wake up, Russ! For a start, at least finish by yourself slack off toxic substances: alcohol, GMOs, vaccines …

You can organize psevdopokushenie Chubais. And you can conceive and do well. Human rights activist Jars after privatization filed to the court by Chubais and sued him currency equivalent 2-car Volga.

In court, he has proved that, for him, as a citizen of the Russian Federation, the privatization was carried out illegally. The Tribunal won. And all the friends then urged, go to the tribunal, a sure thing, unless you have waited 3 years after privatization can all play …

Many have gone? No one has gone. Here you need to think. This activity is necessary. It is necessary to be prepared to Vym that will only reach its own with a cell sample. But it will be even easier to all of us, the people, if such thinking and active as a pitcher, is not unity, and the thousand, 10s and hundreds of thousands! Let's become such reasonable people!

Yes, it's difficult. Easier to curse Chubais last words, in the kitchen with his friends with vodka. And later, when fired from work and patience will start to dry up — to the rally. And later, after a call neovozhdya — to the barricades. How often in the near future can be heard: we do not have enough of the leader! And the hunt to ask you that, rams, which can not be without a shepherd?

In order to be a man, do not need a leader. The leader needs a weak, sleepy, angry people, or those who think without the help of others are not accustomed to. Not so Russian authorities have raised. Not so at the moment rossiyanskih power brings. Parasitic power thinking people are not needed — they are great performers are needed. And artists need leaders. And the leaders here like this. Are appointed. The President is
planted in its place, Kvachkov on his own. The circle is closed.

You need to wake up. And if at least 20 percent of the people will wake up, the awakening of the people of the thousand-year slumber accept an irreversible character. After all, it would mean that the police will wake up 20 percent, 20 percent of attorneys and arbitrators. And one careless bureaucrat before you kicked, you wonder: what to do, as usual, either by conscience?

Of course, I'm exaggerating, the arbitrator or the prosecutor, a man deeply prescribing the parasitic system more difficult it will be to wake up, giving up all the advantages and temptations offered to him by the system. But it is, at least, will have a choice. And if he is confronted with the information that we have not always lived in such a shameless society that were good times that we once were human in the fullest sense of the word …

If it is in this case will make his own choice in favor of heresy, and the upcoming parasitism on the body of the people, there is nothing terrible in the fact that such a subject in the process of regime change will get a bullet in the forehead. It is in this case would be informed by the parasite.

A change of government — not far off. 20 percent of the people — and the ground beneath their feet parasites ignite! Because they will lose their own electorate, they will lose their self-reliance, will no longer have the Judeo-Revolutionary cavalry Budennogo base which formed the Don Cossacks.

There will be no more buffer parasites! It was then possible to make war in the traditional sense of the word. Since only then we will be able to make war with the enemy in fact, a conscious parasites! If of course, the desire to go all the way at the last minute will not leave these subjects.

Awakening of the people — this is a preparatory period before the true struggle. Even if in the future such a struggle with explosions and bullets are not useful.

Because the only way we can remove makarom buffer that protects the parasite, and the only way we can go out to battle with the actual parasites, rather than their servants — our compatriots fighting for the truth, which is essentially falsehood, for the money, for Christ, for restoration of the constitutional order, or by order of the fighting because "everybody does it."

Only thus can we makarom to wake up, take away from the strip and put fire in our system next to him against the parasites. The only way we can avoid the situation in 1917, when the Russian people fought wars with Russian and overpowered parasites.

To wage war, but only with the parasites! And for this it is necessary to tear off their masks, to expose, to deprive them of the support of the people and to force, perhaps for the first time in the history of mankind on Earth to answer for their own business!

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