Kvachkov on trial: judge me for thinking, not for the sin

In Moscow, there is a process in the case of the former GRU Colonel Vladimir Kvachkova, which blamed the coup attempt of preparation and support of terrorist activities.

On Friday, the prosecutor read the indictment, then Kvachkov told the court that his actions do not constitute crimes, reports "Interfax". But all this did not answer the question of whether he admitted his guilt, explaining that his actions do not constitute crimes, told lawyer Oksana Mihalkina defendant.

According to the defender, Kvachkov believes that against him in the present case there is no evidence, and, in his opinion, judge for thought. Lawyer told that at this meeting the two witnesses were questioned charges, one of them said he did not know Kvachkova, and the second said he was obliged to let slip during the investigation of the defendant in connection with the pressure on his investigators. "So Makar, witness charges already withdrew the earlier testimony, "- said Mihalkina.

She noted that during the trial to be questioned 63 witnesses as the prosecution and the defense. "Right now, I reiterated the request to hear the case in open mode, and all of a sudden for me, after having previously been denied a couple of times, it is now satisfied," — said lawyer.

Now close the tribunal from the audience and the press only those meetings that will be studied written documents marked "Top Secret". Follow-up meeting will be held on November 14 in the open mode. It will continue questioning witnesses the prosecution.

Recall Vladimir Kvachkov was twice acquitted by the jury Moscow Regional Court on charges of attempted former head of RAO "UES of the Russian Federation" Anatoly Chubais. December 22, 2010 the Supreme Tribunal of the Russian Federation recognized the acquittal Vladimir Kvachkov legitimate.

The last person involved in the case and then headed for the fact that the prosecutor was obliged to bring him to apologize for the illegal prosecution also sought by the tribunal compensation for moral damages in the amount of 450 thousand rubles.

December 23, 2010 the colonel was detained by the FSB in his apartment, there was immediately taken to the tribunal Lefortovskiy Moscow which authorized his arrest on charges of newcomer — an attempt to prepare the armed revolution and promoting terrorist activities.

The investigation of the case, investigators appointed Kvachkov psychiatric examination, the officer found it offensive and unsuccessfully tried to cancel it. Several months later, doctors concluded that Kvachkov at the mental level is healthy and quite reasonable.

October 17, 2012 the Moscow City Court refused to end the criminal case against Vladimir Kvachkova in dismissing the petition of protection. The term of his detention was extended a couple of times, the last one — to 4 April 2012.

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