Kvachkova accused of organizing an armed rebellion

GRU Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov retired formally charged. As reported by "Interfax" referring to the lawyer Alexei Pershin representing the interests Kvachkova, the investigative department of the FSB accused his client's articles "promoting terrorism" and "attempt the company of an armed rebellion. "

Kvachkov was arrested at his home in Moscow on 23 December 2010 for the following day after the approval of an acquittal on charges of attempted murder of Anatoly Chubais. On the same day the colonel was arrested.

The case Kvachkova classified, and its lawyer refused to report details, citing this subscription.

In making a decision concerning the arrest in Lefortovo Court Kvachkov told reporters that he is being persecuted by the testimony of the head of the Tolyatti branch of the "people's militia named after Minin and Pozharsky", which is headed Col.. According to the defendant, the man arrested in the woods with a crossbow, and then he gave evidence that he was under orders Tipo Kvachkova sent to Vladimir armed group that was to raise riot.

Kvachkov does not recognize his own guilt. He argues that the new case against him was inspired by Chubais.

August 20, 2010 Kvachkov and other persons involved in the case of the assassination attempt on Chubais was in second jury again acquitted. According to the views of counsel, Colonel, his client specifically accuse of involvement in terrorism, because the handling of cases under this article is excluded from the purview of the jury.

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