Kyrgyz base for stupefying RF

No matter what a revolutionary situation in Kyrgyzstan (whether the dismissal or Askar Akayev, Kurmanbek Bakiyev) was accompanied by a confrontation between the north and south of the country. In recent years, we have grown accustomed to the fact that the current Kyrgyzstan in fact quite impossible to name vsepolnotsenno single state because of the southern and northern regions of Kyrgyzstan is no mutual trust or stabilizing commonality of views as to the outer and the inner prepyadstviya. Such a situation like the current situation in Ukraine, when the western regions of the country are positioning themselves as openly orange and eastern regions are aimed at integration with Russia.

The oil in a fiery confrontation vnutrikirgizskogo added only recently Turkish correspondents who conducted their own investigation into the roots of the confrontation between the north and the south of Kyrgyzstan. Analytical studies have led to the fact that at first the plan suddenly got the personality of today's so-called head of Internal Affairs of the southern capital Kyrgyzstan — The town of Osh. The man's name — Suyun Omurzakov. Prince Omurzakov for some time was the second person in the Kyrgyz Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Southern region. Since the events of June Omurzakov was on duty representative of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Russian Federation.

Studies of Turkish journalists have led to the fact that Omurzakov for a number of years engaged in vigorous activity related to the smuggling of drugs from Afghanistan to the area RF, and further — to Europe. Occupying a ministerial post, sire Omurzakov not once in contact with representatives of the NATO coalition forces in order to increase the safety of U.S. Tipo Manas military base. Weird way, after each such contact was recorded growth nakrotrafika through the terrain of Kyrgyzstan. Appears completely reasonable question was not geared to the activities of sovereign Omurzakova In fact, to be engaged in providing non-hazardous transit of Afghan opiates through Kyrgyz countryside.

This judgment is under a pretty thorough platform. Why? Yes because Suyun Omurzakov after a string of scandals involving his naming, was not behind bars, and the place of Chief of police in the town of Osh. It turns out that Omurzakova expect some forces that profitable, that drug flow from Afghanistan Badakhshan towards RF was measured and controlled.

Surname Omurzakova surfaced repeatedly in connection with ethnic cleanings against the Uzbek population of the southern regions of Kyrgyzstan. But such obvious anti-legal parts for some reason was not disturbed by the South American side, which appear to be specifically Suyun Omurzakova and beheld the head of the local "potentates", able to tackle large-scale tasks.

It is worth recalling that during the stay of the American troops on the ground in Afghanistan, drug trafficking from the country increased significantly. For obvious reasons, this may be due to the fact that high-ranking military coalition organized a kind of business in the Afghan countryside country. Business boiled down to getting some profit from the people who were engaged in the cultivation of poppy fields and sending drugs over the limit. By impartial reasons Omurzakov had to be aware of what means and in what quantity narcotic potion smuggled through Kyrgyzstan to the side of. But all of his knowledge came down to an open system of drug racketeering and create a powerful corruption scheme in the country.

Despite this, our motherland continues to Kyrgyzstan-free financial aid, in the hope that the military base in Kant is not out of control in Moscow. It turns out that the management of our country is ready to finance government Kyrgyzstan, are frankly a blind eye to the smuggling of drugs, once a year killing millions of lives in Russia. Is it time to bring Kyrgyzstan ultimatum by the fact that only a double game with the only goal of enriching local elites peremptory time to end?

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