Kyrgyzstan has fixed the rent for the Russian base

Parliament Kyrgyzstan ratified the new agreement to host Russian military facilities on the territory of the republic, reports "Fergana". The MPs voted for it outright in 3 readings.

Agreement, as referred to, was signed in September, during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Kyrgyzstan. New contract structurally connects voedinyzhdy all Russian military facilities into a single database. The total rent for their set at $ 4.5 million dollars a year.

Contract come into effect first in 2017 (after the expiry of the term of the previous agreements). It is designed for 15 years and can then be extended for another 5 years.

Our home uses in Kyrgyzstan Air Base, located in Kant (in the framework of a 10-km from Bishkek), anti-submarine weapons testing base in Karakol (Issyk-Kul region), as a communication center, radioseysmicheskuyu laboratory and seismic station.

Finding these objects in Kyrgyzstan at the present time is regulated by agreements made at different times (contract on the base at Kant, namely, was signed in 2003).

The air base for all that is used by the Russian side on a grant basis, with the other facilities provided fee: truth, not the means, and the supply of military equipment to the Kyrgyz Army (Our homeland has also committed to train military professionals for the country). Kyrgyz side with all this, expressed a desire to charge a fee in the form of currency.

In the process of discussing a new contract Our homeland, reportedly hoped to extend the term of the base for 49 years. But this time in Bishkek found it very overwhelming. In the end, the Kyrgyz side headed for its reduction to 15 years.

In September, when it signed a new agreement on the base, Our homeland has agreed to write off Kyrgyzstan's debt amounting to half a billion dollars. Later in the press and media reported that Russia will provide about billions of dollars to upgrade the Kyrgyz army. Interior Ministry also asked the Russian staff with a request for a police uniform, and guns, trucks, radios and body armor — as humanitarian aid.

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