Kyrgyzstan makes demands of the Russian Federation and the United States

Unfortunately, in today's world, dealing with Russia from other countries may be referred to in their own most if not downright naughty, then alert. Information warfare, which rolled on planet do their shady business. It must be recognized, and that the Russian Federation is not far always has the ability to withstand information battles unleashed by other countries. But specific information can sometimes play a more important role than the presence of the army of the country or any other type of weapon. Information — is a powerful instrument for shaping public opinion. Information or, rather, misinformation flows can simply wash away any social, economic or military merit. Personal assessment draws the image of the Russian Federation in the West, as the former Soviet space. And this image is not that far away, which could be read as a real reflection of the existing processes in Russia.

Information tools in their own policies are now trying to operate and favorites of many countries. If a couple of years back to methods of information "artillery preparation" resorted to, in the main, western politicians, but now these tools are not averse to many of our neighbors. An example of Georgia, where everything connected with Russia, subject to the most severe obstruction, is a pretty soft-spoken.

But at the present moment and time to appear brand new trend in the inter-state politics. The tendency of duality or outright opportunism: to get the cooperation of all dividends and then go to "other means". "Voplotitelem" this kind of trend is the new Kyrgyz president — Almazbek Atambayev. On its own the highest office he ascended in December 2011, after having spent a very effective campaign, in which the expressed words of the need for continued cooperation with Russia. Such words could not entertain Moscow, and so Russian authorities have decided to de facto support Atambayev in his quest for the top municipal post in Kyrgyzstan. Against the backdrop of clear expressions of nationalist disposition of other candidates for the presidency of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Atambayev specifically seemed more worthy to be supported by Russian Federation.

For obvious reasons, Moscow linked with Almazbek Atambayev far-reaching plans in mutual cooperation. It seemed that after the "Troubles" period of anarchy things Kyrgyzstan and Russia will again be warm and friendly.

Let's not forget that the terrain is placed Kyrgyzstan Russian military base, the loss of which does not set in the plans of the Kremlin. And this is an extra incentive in order to strengthen ties oboestoronnie. And before Atambayev has, however, begun to swing open the door of the capital offices, but the president of Kyrgyzstan has suddenly decided to choose as his own first trip departure to Turkey … This has caused some confusion among the Russian authorities, and of many Kyrgyz, by the way, too. Well, then, as the saying went — and went … imagine that at the moment Atambayev will solve its an old case, which then must be said separately, and finally visit those who are in RF candidates supported his outburst. And Atambayev visited visited so … But that of course sediment from its metropolitan February visit to this day remains at the Russian control. Kyrgyz favorite came and spoke to the Russian authorities, shook hands with Medvedev and Putin spoke of the friendship between mandatory Kyrgyz and Russian peoples, and then gave an unusual interview with radio station "Echo of Moscow" and "Kommersant".

Responding to questions from the leading radio broadcasting, Almazbek Atambayev said that he came to Russia, quote, "beat out the debts." Kyrgyz president revealed that in Russia all wondered how come Atambayev and will "beg for loans," and Atambayev, you know, came and showed everyone who is now the Russian Federation will have to deal in Bishkek. It turns out that Almazbek Sharshenovich claimed control of the Russian pay the bills concerning the stay of Russian military on the basis of "Kant", and then also said that after "get rid" of the U.S. military base at Manas in 2014, maybe make out a question the need to accommodate in his country and Russian military. With all of this sovereign Atambayev some reason did not mention the fact that Kyrgyzstan has a very impressive debt to Russia, which, apparently, in general, is not going to pay. But Atambayev given to understand that his country is now so self-sufficient, that within a couple of years, as it is "catch up and overtake" countries such as Denmark or Qatar without any outside help.

Alone, these words evoke a strange feeling that Atambayev general or emperor has no sense of reality, or read these words under pressure. But if the pressure is under whose? In the world, quite frankly, there are few municipal minions who manage billing and Russia, and the United States immediately. It seems that Almazbek Atambayev of those. On the one hand, that it should cause an unambiguous position in respect malehankih but proud of the Kyrgyz people to say: our Almazbek which is something! But with the other hand — for such a position is now available and "on the cap." Well, he Kyrgyz people in their own most obviously does not want the next president of the disorder cases as with Moscow and with Washington. For the world used that friends need to choose: you can "make friends" with the United States against Russia, it is possible to "make friends" with Russia against the United States, it is possible, after all, trying to "make friends" with those with the other, but that none of those or other not to take into account, it is in the current criteria — not on another as a rare pathology …

Surprisingly that the Russian defense and foreign policy department after his words trying to shield the emperor Atambayev. Like, he's just confused the names of databases and talking about the likely closure of Russian military bases had in mind was not a base number 999 in Kant, but something else. Like, re-read the agreement and make the correct conclusion. Strannovataya position — there is nothing to say.

Atambayev asked journalists to the same on the vote of the Kyrgyz delegation on the Syrian resolution. Against the resolution, as we know, voted Our homeland, China and several other countries, but the Kyrgyz Republic on the list were not. It turns out that Kyrgyzstan favorite supports foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Syria, as well as at least some other countries. Reply Atambayev completely dispelled all doubt about the fact that this man had no opportunity to, to answer for their actions, and there is a sense of reality in general. Kyrgyzstan's president said that his delegation wished, of course, vote against, but here, you know, there was some failure in the UN vote and the delegate or the wrong button jabbed a finger, or even vote did not … That's the position: knock out debt came all the bases will close, but in general — our hut on the edge.

On his return to Bishkek, Atambayev has apparently decided to enhance the effect of its own capital of the visit and said that, it turns out, during the presidential campaign in Kyrgyzstan, the Russian special services have worked intensively and Kazakhstan. According to him, they financed some "certain forces" and, especially, prevented the democratic choice of the Kyrgyz people. It turns out that Atambayev made not only the "beacon of Kyrgyz democracy", but also a serious appraiser activities of foreign intelligence services. If you believe the words of the Kyrgyz President, it turns out that the Russian and Kazakh intelligence services can simply
dissolve on all four sides, as "their candidate" is not passed … Who exactly financed Moscow and Astana, Almazbek Sharshenovich did not elaborate. He did not elaborate, and the purpose for which Russian intelligence services came in handy to fund other candidates if Moscow did its bid specifically for Atambayev. That's such an information battle had new Kyrgyz favorite, beat "grenades" anything and everything …

Who should refer to that, and why Atambayev prefer to make their own first presidential visit specifically to Ankara. It's simple. It appears, in Ankara, Atambayev remained in their interests. After one of the presidential campaign in Kyrgyzstan it just brought back their capital to escape from prosecution at home. Even the role in that, which has already become history, the presidential race in Kyrgyzstan Atambayev on the part of the other as an attempt to avoid the law and not name. He just got "immunity" from prosecution by becoming a presidential candidate, and during this period of time has prepared for himself a "retreat" in Turkey. After that, it becomes clear why Almazbek Sharshenovich allows himself to such attacks in the address RF, and the address in the United States over the closure of military bases. The fact is that Atambayev in Ankara continues to build his own head protector. But such protection can be very confusing to refer to the Kyrgyz president. Turkey itself without the support of the United States does not look pretty impressive, and if in Kyrgyzstan will be the Turkish military base instead of the U.S., Washington is apparently not inspire you to shake hands with any Atambayev, nor with Erdogan.

In the end, it should be said that such a double or even triple play sovereign Atambayev obviously not play a positive role for him. And that after a new Kyrgyz favorite and really can self-fulfilling work overseas intelligence services, who without him decide which military bases are destined to continue to work on the ground in Kyrgyzstan, and which are not. Apparently, now is wait for the results of the presidential campaign in our country, to realize how Moscow is going to take on their own Kyrgyz "partner" after his great revelations in the media.

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