Kyrgyzstan — the birthplace of Santa Claus or-Union health resort?

This year, the republics of the former Soviet Union celebrate the long-awaited independence from Russia. Over the past 20 years, one country was able to start a sustainable economic development, declaring at least at the official level, its allied commitment RF, other, more "democratic" regimes that are torn to the West, not tired of repeating how hard life of the citizens of the Union, although it must be recognized that, in real terms, and they are living in the last few years more or less well. Still others did not know how to correctly dispose of so suddenly fell down on their heads independence 20 years ago, because up of the Soviet Union in their countries, at least in today's hastily drawn by the boundaries of the Bolsheviks, it was not simple. One of these municipalities is Kyrgyzstan.

On the anniversary of the independence of the former Soviet republic adorn the front of each other, showing off the visible and invisible achievements over the past 20 years. What can still brag Kyrgyzstan? The first thing that comes to mind — the construction flea markets-monsters "Karasu" in Osh and "Dordoi" of Bishkek. Due to the existence of these markets, Kyrgyzstan has earned style naikrupneyshgo drive Chinese goods on the territory of Eurasia. The economy of this country re-exports of Chinese products have a leading role. Such is the place of the modern independent Kyrgyzstan in the international division of labor. Budding agricultural branch of the country deteriorated. During the years of independence, the country was not built nor the 1st of the new enterprise, and military production, with the remaining Russian times, were either completely destroyed or privatized and turned into markets. Some enterprises languish, producing household utensils, unable to make konkurentnst all the same cheap Chinese junk.

Second after the re-engine the Kyrgyz economy — labor migration. By the most conservative estimates, the number of Kyrgyz labor migrants working in Russia and Kazakhstan, up to a million people. By some estimates, the amount once a year forwards them to their homeland, is seeking a half billion dollars.

How, then, could be the future of Kyrgyzstan, and whether it can be without the Russian Federation?

Quite obviously that Kyrgyzstan — One of the strategic lines of the Russian world. The Russian presence in the country is still quite significant, although it continues to decline rapidly. Russian difficulties in this country is not much different from a lot of problems of our fellow citizens in other CIS countries: all the same silly renaming eternity Russian villages Fri, same narrowing the scope of the introduction of the Russian language, the same full Ethnocracy. With all of this there has been a trivial ideological vacuum: "Kyrgyzstan — country Manas "," Central Asian Switzerland "," island of democracy "- it's just some names Kyrgyzstan, which moved her so often to change the power in recent years. Against the background of this ideological confusion and enhance the image of the Russian Federation on russophobia bolshennomu account yet very significant, our country pochetaema midst of ordinary Kyrgyz. This advantage can not be used: the promotion of Russia's own interests in this country is not hampered by the extent to which this happened, for example, in the Ukraine. And this paradoxical fact certainly deserving of special attention.

Strengthening the position of the Russian Federation in the Kyrgyz direction will, of course, faced with opposition from the global centers of power, first the United States and China. Of course, the Americans will be reluctant to part with the latter in the airbase "Manas", and probably will try to bargain with the Kyrgyz control some concessions. China will be the same in every way reduce or even prevent the cessation of re-export their own products Kyrgyzstan in connection with its accession to the Eurasian integration associations.

The political situation in Kyrgyzstan, despite their significant stabilization, will continue to be strained by definition a feature of the republic in all the years of its independence.

Kyrgyzstan's accession to the Eurasian community and the closest association with Russia, including the political, can shift the economy of Kyrgyzstan on a fundamentally different basis and in the best possible way to change not only the standard of living of its inhabitants, and the image of this country in the world, and its place in the global division of labor. Once again, we note that Kyrgyzstan with its stunning completely unique nature could claim the role of federal resort for people to create a Eurasian Union, as long as the promotion of independent Kyrgyzstan as a great tourist center conducted only within the framework of activities of similar ludicrous festival with awkward title "Kyrgyzstan — the birthplace of Santa Claus," conducted by the authorities country in 2008. Apart from tourism, Kyrgyzstan could offer its neighbors in the Eurasian Union implementation of its own colossal labor, but not on the basis of the migration, and on the basis of their implementation inside the republic itself. Inhabitants Kyrgyzstan, most of them educated and hardworking people looking for earnings of abilities in Russian Federation and reselling Chinese junk, could find themselves on numerous enterprises of light industry, which remains to be done, and that might be able to make konkurentnst Chinese clothing monopoly.

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