Kyrgyzstan threatens brand new revolution?

October 30, Kyrgyzstan held a presidential election. As expected, the winner was the head of the government of Kyrgyzstan Almaz Atambayev, received approximately 63% of the vote. Second and third places among themselves last municipal secretary Madumarov and former head of the country's Ministry of Emergency Situations Kamchibek Tashiyev, voted for by 14.7% and 14.3% of voters respectively. Total for the presidency Kyrgyzstan claimed 16 people.

According to the views of the opposition, the elections were accompanied by innumerable violations by the authorities. For example, many of the people who were going to vote until she found their names on the electoral lists. Atambayev's main opponents — Kamchibek Tashiyev and Madumarov, who are supported in the south of the country — have already said they do not accept defeat, and claimed to immediately revise the official results of the election. Some of them even threatened that the authorities in the unlikely event will be "punished" the Kyrgyz people.

Today's presidential election — the first since that time, as the country's municipal coup occurred, which Favorites dubbed a "revolution" ("Great April revolution"). Then the capital of Kyrgyzstan was captured by rebels, as the legitimate president Kurmanbek Bakiyev fled Bishkek, and then out of the country. At the current time it is in political exile in Belarus.

After the "revolution" of the president in the country was not long enough. Initially, the Kyrgyzstan there were "provisional government", which de facto has assigned to itself the possibility of the highest authority, and then came "interim president" — Roza Otunbayeva.

Kyrgyz opposition has refused to recognize the results of the presidential elections

The head of the Kyrgyz opposition party "Ata-Jurt" Kamchybek Tashiev issued a statement in which said his party does not recognize the results held Kyrgyzstan presidential election and called on the government to abolish them.

According Tashiyev in the electoral process took place "hundreds of thousands" of various offenses. Chairman of the opposition parties have also referred to the last elections in Kyrgyzstan the most unfair in the history of the country and added that if the central government does not cancel them up, then it would "ruthlessly punished" by the people.

Apart from the fact that the election of the President of the Kyrgyz were not in accordance with global standards, said earlier and watching PACE Nursuna Memecan. In her opinion, in the voting process were found prepyadstviya in vote tabulation.

Back in the electoral process 6 candidates, including Madumarov, collected urgent press conference at which he accused Almaz Atambayev in the use of administrative resources. But headquarters Atambayev countered the accusation that party "Ata-Jurt" Kamchybek Tashiyev comes in the ruling coalition, also in the south of this party has its own administrative resources.

There is a perception that this election may be the reason for the final collapse of the country's territorial basis — to the north and south, cause a new explosion of social, ethnic conflicts. The split can be seen on voting in the north voted for most of the Atambayev, and in the south of Madumarov. Atambayev's victory is intended more activity at the highest vote northerners.

Curiously, observers from the Russian Federation, the former post-Soviet integration structures recognized the elections conform to international standards. But observers from the OSCE, PACE and representatives of some Western non-governmental organizations — which do not meet. Immediately becomes very clear who want peace in Kyrgyzstan, and to whom the chaos and instability of.

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