Kyrgyzstan wants to raise fees in 2014 for the introduction of the Russian bases

Kyrgyzstan wants from 2014 to increment the rent for the introduction of 3-Russian military bases on its territory, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday Announcements Kyrgyz Defense Minister Major General Taalaibek Omuraliev.

At the current time on the ground Kyrgyzstan There are four Russian military base. With all this air base "Piping"Working on behalf of the CSTO.

"Since 2014, when the term of lease of these bases, we want to ask Russia to increment charge, adjusted for inflation," — said the Minister of Defence, highlighting that it is not for the air base "Piping. "

"For utilities air base" Kant "Kyrgyzstan pays itself, and a yearly fee of more than 300 million soms per year (1 ruble is 1.3 catfish)," — he added.

The Minister stressed that the negotiations with Russia as it is for an extension of the use of bases, but they are not yet defined.
"Finding the Russian bases in Kyrgyzstan profitable two countries, this security measure, it is not a question of price, because we are bound to find a mutually beneficial solution," — said Omuraliev.

In Kyrgyzstan, the Russian submarine base housed weapons testing in Karakol, military communications center in Kara-Balta, radioseysmicheskaya laboratory at Mile Suu also air base in Kant. In accordance with the agreements in the framework of the CSTO, Kyrgyzstan can not seek payment for the air base at Kant, who works for the organization.

Previously, management Kyrgyzstan not once stated that he wanted to increase the fee for areas located on its military installations of.

In March, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to pay the debt of 15.5 million dollars to Kyrgyzstan for the lease areas in the country under military targets were reported press service of the Kyrgyz Defense Ministry. Regarding the debt claimed Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev, who was on a visit to Moscow.

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