Labyrinth stores energy of the Earth? It was built as an energy machine planet


Author: Ernst Muldashev

Article of the room: AMF number 21 of 26 May 10

The expedition of Russian scientists went to the Greek island of Crete, to get into the legendary Labyrinth Minotaur. There, she came across traces of such expeditions, committed by the Wehrmacht during the Second World War (see "AIF» № № 13, 15, 17). The more complete the investigation of the Labyrinth, readers of "AIF" says team leader Professor Ernst Muldashev

"AIF": — Ernst Rifgatovich, listening to your stories about the Labyrinth, I want to hear that a group of Russian scientists, holding out for a thread, the Labyrinth was from beginning to end, they returned and told the people about the secrets that you found there …

EM: — It is impossible, because the maze is not a cross-cutting, but a chain of isolated multi-storey hall with columns and convoluted passages. Only a funnel-shaped tube, ending a hole with a needle's eye, linked rooms and convoluted passages. Just like in the Altai legend, according to which in the underworld can travel only those people who are able to turn into a "fog" and go through the eye of a needle.

Only luck can be an opportunity to study the Labyrinth: it can be reached only when he gives "breakdown" by tearing a piece of the slope and allowing the traveler to enter inside. The Germans were lucky, and we were lucky.

"AIF": — How many entries in the so-called Labyrinth did you find?

EM: — Total 8. They were all the same type: on a hillside formed "breakdown" — the entrance, and inside were found or rooms with columns, or convoluted corridors connected by a typical funnel-shaped holes. But if you compare the recent breakdowns in the maze with the older, the old raised floor, which deformed the corridors or halls, destroying the tower. One of those old entries in the Labyrinth is a so-called Mikrolabirint, located near the Megalolabirinta that the Nazis blew up. This is an underground room size of 150? 70 meters, where survived several columns. The old men told me that a few years after the explosion in front of two shepherds herded sheep near Mikrolabirinta, sex reared its, then the energy, which was full of this hall is gone. I, by the way, managed to find a corridor between Micro and Megalolabirintami, which told the old men, and despite the rampant sex, crawl on it some distance to come across as a result of the partition similar to the one which stopped us in other inputs.

The same rampant gender, we saw yet another once beautiful underground hall measuring about 200? 150 meters from the preserved column height of about 20 meters, where we went, of course, a "breakdown" on the hillside. And so it was in almost all cases.

"AIF": — In your opinion, it appears that there is some underground power system?

EM: — Yes. But it is, in my opinion, created not only underground, but also on the ground. And some evidence of this are the mysterious dolmens, the huge number and variety of places scattered around the entrance to the labyrinth. What is a dolmen? This is a variety of forms, carved into the rocks or made of huge monolithic slabs. We immediately see that their creation has been expended enormous project. What are they made? No one is unaware. And why not think that dolmens are some semblance of transmitters of energy derived from the Labyrinth?

A member of the expedition engineer Yuri Vasilyev has come to the conclusion that the maze is designed in much the same way as the LC-circuit in electronics. The role of the coil, collecting the energy of the electromagnetic field in the Labyrinth, according to Vasilyev, perform convoluted corridors that could probably be charged from the rotation of the Earth or from any other energy. The role of a capacitor to store energy, it is possible, perform halls, increasing the expense of his columns surface where energy is accumulated. Finally, the role of the amplifier-converter, capable of converting and forces transmitted or that the energy spectrum can be attributed to the dolmens, in many others Labyrinth.

And that is why, in my opinion, all the corridors and halls of the Labyrinth are isolated from each other and are not through. All that, by analogy with the laws of electronics to perform the role of the energy machine. A "breakdown" on the slopes of the mountains, through which we were able to look into the Labyrinth, can be interpreted as something similar to a typical breakdown in the coil or condenser in electronics.

On the role played by the ability to manipulate this energy to the ancient Atlanteans, read the next issues of "AIF".

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