Lawyer Tamara Sidorenko: Do Neklyaeva no aggression, no disappointments

Lawyer Vladimir Neklyaeva Tamara Sidorenko only a week after the arrest of her client was able to see him during the interrogation in the KGB detention center. Last week, three days in a row she was the first in line in the visiting room, but it did not allow Neklyaeva, citing the fact that the room was supposedly busy.

Seeing Neklyaeva late yesterday, Ms Sidorenko said that his state of health is satisfactory, no stroke or heart attack he was not. While the effects of blow to the head during the attack on December 19th special forces make themselves felt: on the face of Neklyaeva remains a huge bruise, he complains of headaches and high blood pressure.

Reporter: "Does Nekljaev adequate medical care and medicines?"

Sidorenko: "He says he can see a doctor, but from what I understand, it is not too appealing. He has blood pressure problems, and when he was given the necessary pills, he began to use them, just two days ago. Perhaps it would not hurt some extra help because he had a headache, but it does not go to the doctor. "

Reporter: "And what is his mental state?"

Sidorenko: "Of course, there is a man hard times, but overall it's psychological state adequate, it normally perceives a situation. Neither aggression or distress. Such a condition that it should be in such a situation."

Reporter: "You could say that he had been pressured in any way?"

Sidorenko: "At the very least, he denies it.'m Not saying that there was some sort of physical or psychological pressure."

Reporter: "Is it possible to consider an attempt to isolate it from the lawyers as part of this pressure?"

Sidorenko"He did not know what we irvemsya to him … Of course, I can be viewed, including an attempt to isolate him to push for some action or explanation … This is my opinion. But I am convinced that we would not let him unnecessarily. When the first three days of sitting in the queue and damagaessya, this should talk about something. So I see here some games around Neklyaeva. "

Reporter: "Or pleaded Mr. Nekljaev during interrogation guilty of something?"

"Suspicions exhibited such that none of the candidates or their staffs can not be recognized. Nekljaev not even reached the area, why he was there or could encourage unrest fix? In the current situation, one can not admit it."

Reporter: "Do you have any hope that the December 30, ill and will not be charged because he was not even on the square?"

Sidorenko: "Hope springs eternal, as they say. Chances are. As a lawyer I can say that in this form it is difficult to bring charges Nyaklyaeu. Wait. I specifically clarified in the investigation, not a secret nature of the charge, which can produce — said they were not secret . "

Reporter: "Many people ask the question, why did not arrest any of those who actually hit the glass in the Government House. Were you able to get some information about it?"

"We do not have this information, because we do not report to anybody. I did not hear and did not have the data to some of these people were detained. But we know for a long time, the case file will not, until near the end of the investigation. Certainly, in the course we we can say something, ask for something to install, do confrontation. But it's a volume of at least 2 months allocated for a result, many people were detained. "

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